Custom Printed Pens and Logo Pens: Still Effective in Today’s Marketplace?

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The use of custom printed pens and logo pens has always been regarded as a quick and easy marketing opportunity for businesses, and one which is welcomingly cost effective. The potential reach is significantly widespread, and such a reach should not, and cannot, be ignored by any business.

The use of promotional items and indeed the overall total business spend on marketing, has declined in the last few years as a result of a faltering economy. Although considered perhaps somewhat contradictory, it is actually during such unstable times that marketing is of the uppermost importance. In today’s marketplace each and every single business is having to fight for its position. This is in fact the case regardless of the size or type of the business, or indeed the strength of its current branding. No business can literally afford to stand still, and this is why custom printed pens and logo pens are still effective marketing tools for today’s marketplace.

Custom printed pens will normally include the business name and contact details, whereas logo pens will concentrate on branding, and feature the business logo. Both items have a wide variety of uses, whether used for everyday marketing activities or specifically tailored for a special event, such as a trade show or used to mark a special achievement or anniversary of the business.

It is relatively easy for any business to strengthen its position in today’s marketplace through the use of custom printed pens and logo pens, the main features of which can be listed as follows:

They are inexpensive in comparison to other marketing activities;

They are designed to be used every day and for a considerable length of time. On this basis their potential reach is incredibly significant;

Promotional gifts can enhance customer loyalty, and indeed improve customer relations. It is a well known fact that it is far less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to attract new customers, which is extremely relevant given the state of the current economic climate;

The use of custom printed pens and logo pens at trade shows can produce leads, and may do so in abundance if the items are appealing, or that little bit quirky or different;

Other potential recipients include existing business contacts and employees of the business. Both sets of recipients should already be somewhat loyal to the business and the gift of custom printed pens or logo pens may in fact boost their belief in the business as a whole. This in turn may lead them to be more forward in recommending the business to their friends, family and other acquaintances.

They are still as effective as ever in this day and age in terms of a marketing tool, and such effectiveness should be embraced. Any business really cannot afford to miss such a relatively quick and easy marketing opportunity.

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