Custom Labels on Water Bottles to Spread Brand Awareness

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You’ve tried giving away pens, key chains, note pads, and a myriad of other alternatives with very little response. But have you ever tried branding water bottles or sports bottles?

Water bottles are always in demand and promotional marketing using water bottles can be an inexpensive way to spread the word about your brand quickly and easily. Finding the right giveaway does require some thought.

Consider partnering with an organization in your niche to provide free bottled water for their events to get in front of your customers without actively marketing to them. Not only will you spread brand awareness, but you will also associate you company with the not-for-profit organization you are sponsoring, therein spreading goodwill and affecting the way customers view your company.

Another option to consider is having a custom label printed for water bottles for an upcoming company picnic or family event. The summer air puts everyone in a good mood and they will be ready to celebrate. If you have extra money to invest you may want to consider branding sports bottles for an event like this to show your appreciation for your employees. It will help you to grow your reputation for generosity and it will be appreciated as a great show of goodwill. Families will be able to carry home custom sports bottles with your brand, something they will use year round, instead of water bottles that will be quickly discarded.

It’s important to recognize the versatility of placing a custom label on a water bottle, as opposed to other promotional products that may be tossed quickly. Custom sports bottles are especially useful, as they can be, and often are, used for years. Any company, club or church can capitalize on customer satisfaction with a custom water bottle. On hot days, you will literally draw in the crowds with this hand-out.

With custom sports bottles, you can show your customers that you recognize the importance of being a green company and encourage them to reuse their bottle instead of purchasing cheap plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment. Best of all, as the recipients of your giveaways go about their days, they very well may take their water bottle, your brand, with them for all to see. What exposure could be better than this?

Whatever you decide, make sure that you include your company logo and colors, as well as the company name. You may want to consider including the website and phone number as well.

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