Custom Bobble Heads – Beware of Hidden Charges

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The process of using custom bobble heads for a promotional campaign is an easy process. All you need to do is contact a reliable custom figurine manufacturer with your idea and you can just wait for the bobble head dolls to arrive. It’s that easy. You don’t have to do a lot of brainstorming sessions. You just need to have a good idea for a design and you’re good to go.

Another good thing about it is it is relatively inexpensive compared to other promotional strategies. There’s a common misconception that you have to break the bank in order to implement a very effective strategy like this. But after talking to a bobble head manufacturer, you find out that it’s not that expensive. So you go ahead and place your order and you wait.

But then, you receive the surprise of your strategy. When you get the bill, you see a lot of charges that you never even knew existed. You see charges that you don’t understand. Now that you’ve added them up, you see that the whole order for your custom bobble heads is very expensive. Sure, it’s still effective. But your campaign takes a big hit with these hidden charges. This is bad if you’re operating on a tight budget. But even if you do have a big budget, you feel a little betrayed by your custom figurine manufacturer. Even if the bobble head dolls turned out great, it’s not the same because you now feel that it’s not worth it.

The worst thing about it is it will be usually too late for you to back out. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money for the custom bobble heads and you have a whole blueprint for your campaign. Backing out now will set you back big time. So you just take the hit and go on with the campaign a few hundred (or even thousand) dollars poorer. The wobbly headed dolls will still do the job but for a much higher price.

Hidden charges can take the form of a lot of things. It could be for marketing, delivery or even production. Now, this shows the importance of only dealing with a reliable and trusted custom figurine manufacturer. Don’t be overwhelmed by the whole process. Take the time to ask all the information and costs related to the custom bobble heads. Also, you should do some research on their bobble head dolls and other custom figurines. You can check out their website and see if the costs involved are there. A reliable manufacturer would tell you upfront all the charges involved. Basically, all you need to pay for are the cost per piece and a small shipping charge to make sure that you’ll receive your toys.
But you may be interested in additional (but not hidden) charges for your bobble head dolls. The better manufacturers actually offer added products and services for the improvement of your campaign. These are added charges but there’s nothing hidden about it. Just to be sure, all charges should be in writing to protect you and your custom figurine manufacturer. This will ensure that you’ll receive your custom bobble heads without the added headache that hidden charges bring.

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