Creative Marketing Ideas For the Trade Show Exhibitor

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Every trade show exhibitor is constantly on the lookout for creative marketing ideas. Given the intense global competition facing every single market, it is always a challenge to stay a step ahead of the next guy.

Those who succeed are the ones willing to be creative, experiment and try new ways to reach customers. The easy days of just having a good product with a good reputation are long gone. Now you must be alert to new trends, waves of consciousness and the flow of ideas.

Have a website, but do not make it the only web presence for your company. Use the new media to your advantage, it would take you endless hours of work and tons of money to even begin to approach the reach of Facebook, for example. Use Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Digg, Squidoo etc. to reach people. These are all user friendly and can be quite useful.

Take stock of what your competition is doing, write it down and then make a strategy to do something totally different! Reach out to new audiences, find new demographics and use completely different methods than you are used to using. This will expose you to new people and give you a fresh appeal that sets you apart. One good method is to use a trade show display rental, rather than purchasing.

Consider that most buying decisions are emotional, not rational. Sure there is the cost-comparison sequence, and the feature deliberation dilemma, but, in the end, the decision is usually based on fear, wanting to be accepted, the desire for attention, etc. Appeal to these basic human emotions and you will be much more “appealing”! You can effectively use a banner stand to do this.

Dare to be different. So many times companies imitate one another in almost any imaginable way. Similar brochures, content, themes, etc. One technique that is often successful is to make fun of yourself and use it to your advantage. With a name like Smuckers…

Think about how much sports teams use mascots. Find one that fits your logo and company and use it to create an identity. Many companies have created such a mascot that is immediately identifiable to the public. Use them at company events, but make sure the local media is on hand to record it and help get the word out.

Stop being sales oriented in your marketing message. Try giving more unbiased information that gives you credibility as an authority who is looking out for the best interests of you audience. Stop talking about yourself and focus on the needs of your customers. Give the impression that you are more unbiased and open-minded.

Hire a voice actor to answer your voice mail. Nobody likes to leave messages, and if the voice is attractive or interesting, you can be sure people will talk about it. I know people who actually phone a company just to listen to the lovely voice of the woman with a southern drawl on the voice mail!

In your trade show exhibits, use colorful pop up displays, quality accessories and innovative approaches that set you apart from the herd. Something as simple as new graphic panels, outdoor banner stands, or tabletop displays can make the difference.

In conclusion, get your creative juices flowing. You may need to expose yourself to totally new experiences and creative marketing ideas to get them moving, but it is very much worth the effort. The freshness and vitality will be evident in morale and sales.

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