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It only takes 5 seconds for your target readers to decide whether they are interested in what you have to say or not. It only takes 5 seconds for your prospects to read and understand your message. In 5 seconds, you should already have convinced your target clients to order from your print catalogs, or at the very least, to call you or visit your website to know more about your products.

The way you’re printing catalogs say a lot about the message you would want to convey. In 5 seconds, your target clients already have a glimpse of what they can expect from your business – whether you’re a professional and can provide them with what they need; or someone that should just be disposed of right away because you’re only wasting their time.

If you would want your target readers to consider you in their list of impressive print catalogs, you must then be able to provide them with two things: an impressive overall image, and a compelling message. When done right, these two elements alone can get you more sales that you can ever imagine.

Your overall appearance is crucial in determining the impact that you will have on your target clients. Were they impressed by what you have to offer? Or did they think that what you have in your print catalogs doesn’t differ that much from your competition? Always remember that the first impression usually lasts longer than the second, third and even the fourth one.

When printing catalogs, you also need to consider that your message has to say something of value to your target market. That means that it should be congruent to their needs and wants. Sure, they may be attracted to your cool photos and funky graphics. But do you have what they need? Do you have what they want?

So here are wonderful suggestions to help you have your cash register ringing all day long:

“What’s in it for me?”

Your print catalogs should be able to clearly tell your readers of what they can get if they read your collaterals. What are the benefits? Even unconsciously, the human mind provides us with the facility to see things according to what we value most. If you have relevance and your readers find something in your catalogs that they value, then you’ll be sure to get them interested in what you have to say for your business.

“What are the benefits?”

People are interested in one thing only – the benefits. Don’t talk too much about your products’ features; instead, give your readers the benefits of dealing with you right away.

“What’s your call-to-action?”

Finally, every marketing campaign, whether it’s printing catalogs or even flyer printing, you have to provide the next step to your readers. What do they do next? After reading your message, what then? Your call-to-action can provide your readers with the action that you require from them. Whether to call your phone numbers, to post their order forms, or visit your website, the bottom line is to have them scrambling to act on your offer instantly. The more they are eager to do your bidding, the better it is for you as their action can transform to profits for your business.

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