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“I want to buy that.” This is the immediate reaction you want people to have when they first see your offering: You want them to have that reaction before they even know the price. To make that happen, you need to create products that are irresistible. There are a few universal principles to develop truly appealing products.

1. Find a hook. Recognize the “miracle cure” the public is looking for, and present your product as the closest thing possible to that miraculous fix.

One example is Yanik Silver’s Instant Sales Letters product. Yanik has achieved great success with this product. They are his “miracle cure” for people who need to create effective sales letters, but don’t have enough time to write them. So he put together some fill-in-the-blanks templates to make it easy to prepare sales letters. Of course, clients may have to do some tweaking to make a template work for their specific purpose. But the point is, they work. Even if the template needs to be revised, they’ve still got a Sales Letter. And that is very attractive to people with little extra time. The Instant Sales Letter product is a hook for them – the “miracle cure”.

2. Focus on the content first and the format second.

When you are planning your content, think about what you’re going to cover rather than how you’re going to cover it. Don’t decide that you are going to offer an e-book or a teleseminar until you know what information you will be including. The format should be secondary. It should be based on what makes the most sense for your market, and what fits best with the product.

As you are mapping out your content, outline everything that your product will cover. You don’t need to include every single detail you know about the topic. Include the information your prospect needs in order to get the results they want. Include the detail that will get their immediate attention because you’re providing the solution they need.

Brainstorm all of the things that your end user will need to get the results that your product will deliver. Write the question “what will they need” in your journal, or put it up in your office. It will act as a prompt for your subconscious mind to come up with the answers. Use can these answers to create your outline.

3. Use the “why-what-how-what if” format.

-Why is each particular point important?
-What is the specific item or step in the process?
-How will the user implement it?
-What if things don’t go according to plan?

Using this format helps you to bring the pieces of your product together. It allows you to edit as you plan. You are assembling what you already know, putting it together quickly and editing it quickly into a usable format.

4. Be flexible and open to the fact that your outline may change. That’s okay. You will still have the main outline, the “bones of the structure”. You can always move the main elements around until you get the right fit.

5. You don’t have to create your product in the order that you’re going to deliver it.

Create your product in the way that will allow you to get it done quickly. Start with the areas that are easiest for you. That will give you some momentum to keep going with the more challenging elements of your product. Once you’ve paid careful attention to these points, you will be able to quickly create a product that clients will be clamoring to buy because it resolves their needs and wants. Use these steps to get started on creating your irresistible product. Give your clients what they are asking for, give them what they WANT!

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