Coupons Vs No Coupons For Restaurants

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Some people will argue that having coupons will diminish the status of a restaurant. Generally, coupons are a great way to present a valuable asset to a restaurant. For the new customers that want to be able to try out a new place for the first time and for the current customers looking for a great deal. Depending on the value of the coupons, they can be a big factor in sales. In this current economy, everyone is looking for a good deal. So having your coupons reflect your value and affordability will give you the upper hand on your competitors.

Though some menus are not meant for coupons such as dine in menus or catering menus. To go menus are perfect for coupons because when they are put into every take out order, the customer will see it and use the coupon included for their next order. Coupons can definitely help facilitate the return of a satisfied customer!

When designing and printing your menus, be sure to keep the coupons in mind. Try to include about three great offers per menu to catch your customers’ eyes. Every cycle that you order menus, update the coupons with new offers as well. Rotate your coupons between menu updates to keep them fresh and not over used.

Coupons can create awareness for new products and services. Introducing a new menu, adding specialty items, or promoting upcoming events in your restaurant could all be great opportunities to incorporate coupons so your customers can try something new and be stay in the loop of your restaurant activities.

Though coupons can be great, there is such a thing as too many coupons. You wouldn’t want your customers to think that you are low quality by practically giving things away. Make your coupons a bargain but do not make them so that your restaurant seems less valuable. Try to keep a happy medium amongst your coupons, have coupons that display a great offer but also still reflect value on your restaurant!

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