Corruption and Procurement: What Procurement Management Books Should Also Discuss

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Procurement is a process that has already conquered both private and public sectors. It should be seen as a legal way of acquiring products and services from small businesses. For decades, procurement has always been able to help certain agencies and large corporations in the completion of their projects. Admittedly, it is a very good source of lucrative income for small businesses but this is only if things are done right. Procurement management books always tell you of what you should do to get that coveted contract but behind the hustle and bustle of transactions made, some unwanted events transpire.

It is undeniable that there can b some people who would want to have the upper hand in procurement. But sadly, not every guide to procurement makes every small business aware that this goes on. Procurement books just concentrate on what you should do to win the contract. They do not elaborate on the real obstacles that happen in the trade. This should be stressed as well by procurement management books so that the small entrepreneurs would be able to prevent such negativities from transpiring.

Corruption and Procurement

It is rare for procurement management books to really discuss about the realities of procurement. As a result, when things like corruption happens, many people are caught off guard and often fall victim. Corruption is known to happen at any stage of the procurement process. It could happen when the authorizations are not properly channeled or when the rules and regulations are broken. Procurement is in danger of being the common venue of corruption because of the large funds that enter and leave the process. There are times when the practices of procurement are reliable and the money accumulated is transformed into beneficial projects and services that augment the status of the overall condition of an area or community. But there are occasions when the pockets of some greedy people are the only ones that benefit from these projects from day one. Procurement management books should also focus on the reality that corruption does happen and should be stopped.

Resources are resources whether it’s private or public. Every cent must really go to the progress and development of the projects that corporations and the government come up with. When corruption takes place, the level or quality of resources that should be devoted to the project is compromised. Personal gain should have no place in procurement because there is already a significant amount of money at stake. Procurement management books should elaborate on how the abuse of power could really happen in private and public sectors in the field of procurement.

Transparency has always been elaborated in almost all procurement management books these days. This should only be stressed even more because of the occurrence of corruption especially in federal procurement. There is bureaucratic corruption (low level) and also political (high level) corruption that happen all the time. These should be paid attention to and corrected so that the real goals of procurement would materialize and benefit the right people.

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