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Web video specialists and those in the business of making corporate video are often asked by amateurs in the same field what the differences might be in using professional, broadcast quality cameras as compared to the range of expensive hand-held and personal cameras available for home use these days.

While there are large differences in price, it is true to say that the quality achievable on some of the cheaper devices is slowly catching up with that of broadcast equipment. However, there are still several good reasons why, if you want to produce the very best video images to promote your business and make a corporate video or web video, that broadcast equipment should probably be your preferred choice.

Here are the three main areas where broadcast quality equipment still far exceeds home or hand-held cameras.

1) Stability. Even with mounts and tripods that are available for hand-held units, they still can’t compete with the rock-solid stability of professional broadcast cameras. While you may be making a corporate video with a still shot somebody talking behind a desk, stability is not such an issue. However, once you’re on the move then reducing camera shudder and judder becomes quite an issue. At the moment, as we approach 2012, there is not a unit available for domestic use that competes with high-end broadcast equipment.

2) Format and feeds. When you buy professional equipment, it is not just the camera itself. It is the full range of editing and formatting software and hardware that is available alongside it. You can plug the feeds from these cameras directly into television studio style equipment and perform an array of professional edits and clean-ups that still far exceed anything that can be achieved on home equipment.

3) Control. Synchronisation between several cameras, the ability to turn cameras on and off or to have camera feeds interact directly with certain lighting conditions automatically, as part of the basic set-up of a professional broadcast quality camera system is all built in for many broadcast systems. Having an integrated set-up that includes focusing, lighting, movement as well as being integrated directly into remote or mobile microphones is all pretty standard for broadcast equipment. This lets a creative director, looking to make a really impressive corporate video or web video let their imagination run far further than is possible with home equipment.

For anything outside of the most basic of videos, particularly where movement, control or quality of effects is concerned, broadcast equipment will far exceed even the most modern hand-held domestic cameras.

One issue that prevents more from using professional equipment to make their corporate or web video is the cost. Even this can be mitigated in some circumstances. Many people will buy a hand-held camera simply to make one or two video presentations. This might be why there are so many second-hand domestic units for sale. It’s worth noting that quality equipment can be hired for a few days, often hiring the expertise to use it alongside that, for not much more than the cost of buying your own domestic equipment.

Not everybody will need the features of television standard cameras and the expertise that they require. But for many looking to make a real splash with a professional corporate video or web video, then you simply can’t beat professional, broadcast camera equipment.

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