Copywriting – 4 Power Words And Ideas You Can Use To Ignite Desire (It Works For ALL Businesses)

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Copywriting is about speaking to prospects in a way they understand. You must show people what’s in it for them.

Do you have a product or service that can make a person’s life better?

If so, this article gives you simple shortcuts you can use today to improve your copy.

Use these words to guide you and help you craft your copy.

Let’s get started…


We are all pressed for time, and we all want instant results. You need to show people that you can get them results faster than your competition can.

For example…let’s pretend you are selling a money-making system. You want to say a person can “Make $100,000 Fast”, but it takes at least 6 months to earn that much.

You must break it down and structure it so the person can make money fast. Like this…

“Joe Sample Made $2,000 in his first week of using our system, and you can too.”

Fast is implied in the above example, but it still triggers the same response.

How can you help your customers get what they want sooner rather than later?


Show people why they won’t have to work hard to get what they want.

Break things down into the easiest element. Yes, most things won’t be easy, but you can make them appear easy.

For instance, if you were creating an “Easy Guitar Playing” course, you could break things down into the smallest, easiest pieces. You could show them how they could play over 200 songs just by learning 3 chords.

How could you make things easier for your customers?


If something is easy, it’s most likely simple. However, just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

For example, you could have a “Ten Step Formula to Internet Riches”, and it could be a simple formula, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy!

It’s best if you can have both simple and easy, but simple can live without easy.

What can you do to make things simpler for your customers?

A Great Bargain

“Great Bargain” doesn’t mean cheap, it means that you are getting an incredible deal.

If you have a great product that can deliver great results, you can make a $2,000 home study course seem like a bargain.

This is an important concept for everyone, but especially for those in a highly competitive niche. Figuring out how to offer a great bargain can keep you from getting into a price war.

What can you do to give your customers a great bargain?

How can you use these words and ideas in your copy? Are you sure your product can deliver what you promise?

How can you show your prospects why they should buy from you above all others?

Are you starting to realize the power of these words?

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