Cool Dance Logo Ideas for Business Brand Marks in Different Dance Styles

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If you think that you can craft a dancing man in your business brand mark and it will prove to be a successful design then you are wrong.

Whether you are trying to establish a new school, dance club or a dance theatre in your town, you need to create an emblem that should reflect the style of dancing that defines your company. This means that if you are trying to create an emblem for a dance company that caters in hip hop dance then you cannot show a girl ballet dancing in the emblem.

Below mentioned are some dance logo ideas for business brand marks in different dance styles:

1. Ballet Brand Mark:

Ballet is generally a dance form that is considered elegant and sophisticated. So your brand mark needs to depict the same. Here, you can use an image of a woman with long and elegant body lines who is standing on her toes and stretching elegantly. A fancy colored skirt and hair tied over the head will complete the look. To give an innovative touch, you can add a long and flowing scarf in her hands. Here, you can also use thin and curvy type face for fonts to maintain the imaginative appeal.

2. Tap Dance Emblem:

This dance style is mainly depended on footwork which is why you can craft the company emblem to depict the same. Here, you can show an illustration of a pair of feet with shiny tap dance shoes over a light colored background. If you are a silhouette of a man, then you can add a top hat and a tuxedo to his attire which will add a traditional and imaginative touch to your trademark.

3. Hip hop logo:

Hip Hop is a contemporary dance style adopted by the youth. This is one of the most famous dance styles that are adapted in dance clubs and bars. The most popular idea to create an emblem for a hip hop monogram is to show an image of a man standing on his hands with his legs apart. A funky cap coupled with a baggy pair of pants will complete the look. Another creative emblem can consist of a silhouette of a man balancing himself on the tip of one hand. Because this is a hip hop dance logo that can appeal to the youth, you can add a colorful touch to the background of the design.

In a nutshell, the world of dance is stretched far and wide. For your dance business you should craft an emblem that represents your unique dance style and distinguishes you from others.

Use colors, fonts and images according to your dance style. Make sure that you use illustrations for your brand mark so that you have a greater margin for creativity and innovation.

Bobby Sherman is a logo designer working at professional logo design firm. For more information,find her at dance logo ideas.

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