Consider Size And Impact When Designing Your Display For A Trade Show

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If your business is considering participating in marketing conventions, then you already have a firm grasp on the many benefits this promotional medium offers. Regardless of industry and company size, setting up a trade show exhibit at an industry event instantly levels the playing field between competing startups and industry giants alike. Best of all, a trade show exhibit allows an organization the opportunity to actually engage with potential clients personally. Unlike other advertorial outlets that force businesses to market at their customers, a trade show exhibit actually allows companies to market directly to their demographic on a face-to-face level.

Your Business Trade Show Exhibit Plays A Key Role In Your Overall Event ROI

While the benefits are virtually endless, tapping into the many promotional perks that an industry convention offers does require some strategy. One of the biggest weapons in your convention arsenal? Your business’ display for a trade show. In global commerce where image is everything, your company stands and booths literally embody the visual first impression that you’ll be making with each and every passerby. Ensuring you have a final display that resonates with and compels the crowd is a critical component to your overall event success and ultimate return on investment.

What To Consider When Designing Your Display For A Trade Show

The first thing to consider when creating your company stands and booth is the final size footprint of the display. Carefully think about the types of events that your organization will be participating in throughout the year. Will you be going head to head with the industry trailblazers in your vertical? If so, a full-sized display may prove the right choice to effectively announce your company’s presence as a major player ready to steal market share.

While some venues truly do warrant a large display, it is important to note that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to booths and stands. Not sure your business can afford an elaborate exhibit? Working smaller convention rooms that only permit smaller vendor footprints? Many reputable design firms offer an extensive portfolio of options for portable displays that can truly hold their own compared to their full-sized counterparts. Not only are portable displays a financially savvy investment, but they can be fully customized to ensure your team is maximizing visual impact as well as broadening brand reach at every event.

Once you’ve determined the best size for your booth it’s time to carefully consider the second most important factor in the overall design – your customers! Always ensure your final design is relevant, current and showcases your brand identity as much as possible without overwhelming guests. Include product graphics and pictures and even samples of your most recent merchandise line to ensure that your guests will have no questions about what your team does best. Most importantly, have your trade show exhibit manned with your most professional staff members who are ready to purposefully interact with each booth visitor for maximum impact!

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