Computer Repair Contracts That Keep You Profitable

June 30, 2009 by  Filed under: Management 

If you are trying to set up profitable computer repair contracts for your small business clients, you might have some questions about their real benefits, or at least how to clearly explain these benefits to non-technical small business decision makers.

Many small business technology providers choose not to use on-going agreements and build their business around customers that have short-term needs or need immediate emergency services.  If you fall into this category, you need to start thinking about your business realistically and planning long term.  Unless you intend to spend a lot of time and money on aggressive marketing tactics or hire a huge number of employees to handle thousands of clients every year, you’re just not going to build sustainable revenue. 

You need to be prepared to build a solid foundation for your business, and this means focusing on long-term, sophisticated repair and support needs that will require you to enter into on-going relationships with clients that will pay you predictably a certain amount of service revenue each and every month.

Consider the following 3 points when building a solid foundation for your business on computer repair contracts.

  1. Computer Repair Contracts Are Essential to Your Business.  On-going agreements formalize your working arrangement with clients and provide your company with very highly profitable recurring consulting revenue.  This is nothing like the commodity-oriented managed services business that puts you into a low-margin “box-pusher” mentality. Repair agreements contribute to your longevity in a way that no number of quick fixes or short-term solutions can, because they represent your commitment to cater to the real long-term needs of your small business clients … and most importantly, your clients’ commitment to pay you regularly for your expertise and high-end premium services.
  2. The Customer is Not Always Right.  Just because a large potential client wants to have his/her attorney rewrite your entire agreement doesn’t mean you should go along with it.  If you have done a really good job of building a relationship with each client, you will not likely run into this situation.  Start out each new customer on some kind of mutual proving ground project to make sure the relationship will work before you present the idea of your computer repair contracts.  And there will be a certain amount of faith and good will build up between the key people in your company and the key people in your client’s business.  Most of the time, the only reason a client will ask for a contract revision is because he/she senses weakness and the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.  Of course if you focus on the legal niche, it often becomes a matter of price and ego for your customers to bully-you into adopting their one-side contract mentality. So unless your clients are power-hungry attorneys, just follow a set, step-by-step sequence for engaging with new customers and clients, and the issue of a client that wants and demands a total rewrite will usually be a moot point.
  3. Be Prepared.  You need to have your entire computer repair contracts package planned out and ready to go, because you never know when a new customer or client will be ready to sign.  Delaying for a few weeks will not only kill your credibility, but it will also potentially make you miss a valuable opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot.

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