Competitive Edge – 5 Ways Advertising Drives Recognition

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No matter how busy your day is, when you get the spirit of competition you simply achieve more. That’s what happens when the competitive edge of advertising captures attention and brings your business to the forefront of the coolest search engines. Top dog on page one for any keyword search makes you feel like the coolest woman on the planet, no matter what planet you’re on.

Refutable Acclamation –

This is the first step to getting there. Once you counter the opposition and drive them out of that top spot, you’ve proven your content. But are you cool enough to stay there? Almost anyone can disprove traditional SEO with status keyword accomplishment for a temporary term, but getting your name in lights at the top of the page for the long haul requires something more… You’ve got to go the rest of the distance to be recognized long term for your cool accomplishments.

Inbound links –

Advertising with inbound links that drive daily traffic means you must have links in some happy places around the internet. Popular cool hangouts only? Not necessarily, non-popular hangouts can be just as dicey and cool, and can bring in the same kind of attraction, if you’ve done your homework and targeted your audience to the purpose of your website (and the linked site). Inbound links should be from relevant targeted sources. Are you targeting extremely sophisticated women? Make sure you have inbound links on sites that also target extremely sophisticated women. No matter who your targeted audience is, focus your inbound links on that group of cool-awesome people.

Keyword Strategies –

Implementing keyword strategies that capture cool audiences with marketing techniques that drive traffic isn’t necessarily difficult, but it must be consistent. If your search term is “Drive Cool Traffic” then you’ll want to sprinkle the phrase and the words (yes, individually) throughout your articles and blogs. Write about the traffic and traffic jams, and then talk about the cool weather and driving in snow. Bring in the concept through integrative communication that inter-relates all topics in your keyword phrases, but stay relevant to your topic. If you’re not really talking about the weather, inserting it into your article will become distracting to the reader.

Risky Business –

Be daring enough without going beyond your limits. Dance on the edge, but if you can’t fall worth a darn, don’t step over the edge. Being splattered on the rocks below in failure just ain’t cool. But, being daring enough to dance on the edge will give your readers something to gasp about. Create a driving advertizing slogan that will capture the audience and use it in daring and manipulative ways. When writing articles, most of the time, I misspell advertize. There’s a reason for that, and it isn’t because I can’t spell. Take a risk and use your imagination to conjure up creative marketing methods that drive traffic.

Capture Attention –

Some of us use the old fashioned coy, shy attraction methods and get our fair share, but not the amount we want of attention online. So, if you’re still using that method and think it’s not working, you’re probably right. Try something new. Step out there on the face of the rock (securely tethered to the bumper of a truck bigger than you with a way to climb safely up) and free fall, occasionally to the next level of success. Change your method of operations and grab the attention of your reader with a new slogan or statement of why you are.

Have you figured out how you can become the hottest chic on campus? Do you want to know how to drive traffic like the rush hour? Are you ready to go the extra mile and be the coolest woman in the world?

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