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Before, polo shirts were simply worn during golf or tennis games. But with the fast evolution in the world of fashion, it is not surprising that polo shirts have already been recognised as a daily wear. The good thing about this kind of shirt is it falls in between the informality of a t-shirt and the formality of a tuxedo. It can be worn during casual days and can also be worn during special occasions. And with these shirts being so much comfortable, in a sense that it does not sacrifice style, it has also been an ideal office uniform. And with people wearing these shirts to malls, parks, and workplaces, it has paved its way to Company Polo Shirts.

The Trendy Company Polo Shirts

Gone are the days when being fashion forward was a lingo for women. Nowadays, men are equally updated with the latest fashion trends. You do not want to look boring by just simply donning on a crisp shirt, sometimes you have to put some twists and apply some mixing and matching to add a little spice to it. Here are a few trends for Company Polo Shirts.

  • Not just with jeans. The most conventional way to wear Company Polo Shirts is to pair it down with jeans. But for those who are willing to go the extra mile in fashion, these kinds of shirts can be worn with just about anything-jeans, casual pants, corduroy, and even shorts.
  • The shoes. Because it can be both for formal and not-so-formal events, these shirts can look great with your favourite sneakers or a step higher by wearing loafers.
  • Pink is back. Pink coloured Company Polo Shirts are not just for women. Now a lot of men can be seen using this colour that is cool to the eyes. Some even come in stripes and chequers.
  • Long sleeves. This is categorised into the more formal aspect of polo shirts. They are usually worn with tuxedos. Even when simply worn, it still appears to be more formal compared to the short sleeved.
  • Accessorise. The younger generation of today can be seen wearing these shirts but adding a little statement to it like accessories. They put on colourful neckties, suspenders, or bow ties.
  • Buttoned or zippered. These shirts normally are buttoned down. But in some instances, some prefer the zippered ones, most likely just to shy away from what’s conventional.

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