Common Yard Sign Mistakes

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Ordering a yard sign is quick and easy. For the most part, you can’t go wrong when using signage in front of your business (or even in an off-site location). However, there are a few important options that you should consider which can drastically affect the visibility and overall value of your lawn signs. Here are some of the common mistakes that customers make when ordering this product. With a clear understanding of these common issues, you’ll be able to avoid them when placing your order.

  1. Forgetting 2-sided-Most customers want their yard signs to be 2-sided, but it’s important to know that this is a special option that you must add to your order; it does not come automatically. 2-sided signage requires additional printing for the other side, which comes at an extra expense. It’s worth the money so that you can display a message that can be seen from both directions, but if that’s your intention and you receive a 1-sided sign, you’ll have to send it back for the additional printing, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  2. No accessories-Always check with your printing company to see if accessories are included. The majority of custom lawn signs require some sort of hanging or mounting accessory. From wire stakes to real estate frames, there are a variety of great products to fit your needs. Again, by assuming that they come with your order, you could be making a costly mistake as your sign will arrive and you will have no way to display it.
  3. Wrong accessories-Another mistake customers make with accessories is ordering the wrong one. Wire stakes are certainly inexpensive, but they’ll only work with a material in which they can fit inside (like corrugated plastic or poster board). A metal sign requires some sort of frame. In addition, if you’re ordering a frame, make sure it’s the same size as your sign-most companies offer custom-sized signs but custom frames aren’t always available (if they are, they’re very expensive).
  4. Inappropriate material choice-This is not as concrete of a mistake as, say, forgetting to order 2-sided. There’s not necessarily a “wrong” material choice, but certain materials do work better than others for specific uses. For instance, political signs should be easy to remove and reposition as necessary. For the majority of your campaign signs, corrugated plastic with wire stakes is the best option. Coroplast is not ideal, however, for highly-professional business signs or even some real estate signs (for large corporate buildings).
  5. Not visible-The final common mistake that customers make is displaying their signage in a location that’s not visible, or even ordering a sign that’s too small to be seen. Always consider the intended viewer of your message and where they will be when they are viewing it. Make it large enough to be seen from that distance, and display your sign in a spot in which it can clearly be seen from all angles. Avoid trees, tall grass/shrubs, and other signage so that your message is visible to everyone around.

Robert Kinder works as a Production Manager for a local sign company in Dallas, Texas. He has worked in the sign printing industry for over 15 years providing printing and installation for local small businesses and large corporate customers. Robert enjoys passing along his trade secrets and knowledge to help others better understand their signage and their needs. His extensive knowledge about the sign industry and hands-on experience make him an expert on everything signs.

As a veteran sign expert, Robert has extensive knowledge in retail signs and lawn signs. In his articles he covers tips for sign design, techniques for proper sign installation, common signage questions, and the different material choices for yard sign advertising like political yard signs, real estate yard signs and metal yard signs.

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