Commercial Cleaning Leads – Get To Know Your Prospect As Best As You Can

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The above is actually a basic rule of thumb for any lead generator but it always pays to remember the basics. Why? It’s because it’s usually at the basics where people fail first and why they don’t get as many leads as they expect. And when they do, they still have a hard time getting successful sales.

For janitorial and commercial cleaning companies, the fault lies in not knowing the prospect much at all before attempting said sales. This has always been the mistake of businesses for countless decades. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson anymore. If your would-be clients are going to spend money on something, they’d want to know why it’s worth every penny. As an example, there are times when even the prospects themselves don’t really know what makes a well-cleaned and well-maintained work environment.

This emphasis on knowing the prospect also benefits you in other ways besides a good chance at a sale. Here are several ways how:

  • Industry – Knowledge of what your prospect does will give you an idea of what their work environment is like. From there, you can guess the kind of work your people might be doing and you’ll know beforehand if there are any objects or areas that need a more specialized type of cleaning. In one moment, you could be reaching out to hospitals and in the next, you’re targeting factories. Either way, knowing the industry will let you know where your people will be going.
  • Budget – It tells you if the prospect is really sales-ready. At times, you might even know more about the cost of your own business to say if they can or cannot afford outsourcing your cleaning services.
  • Compliance Standards – Businesses can be like individual people in way that they are wary of the company that they keep. You need to know what they expect in a janitorial firm in terms of being a reputable service.

These things can really help you in the long run and save you from a strained relationship with your client. If you’re not familiar with the work environment of a prospect’s establishment, you can only expect your people to have a hard time working there. If you’re not aware of their budget, then of course it’s rude to quickly assume whether or not they’re sales-ready. If you’re not transparent about the work ethic of your business, then how can you expect the prospect to have trust in you?

It even helps to have a bit of appointment setting in case your prospects want to discuss a few more things before finally making a decision. Generating qualified leads needs to be done fast but that’s no excuse to rush the exchange of information. Use all means to connect and engage with prospects. From sending marketing emails to employing professional telemarketers, it should be done for the sole purpose of getting to know your prospect as best as you can. Today’s business is increasingly less governed by the number of people you’ve swayed and egged and more by how many you’ve actually worked to know well and serve well.

Camille Thompson works as a senior marketing analyst, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting for the commercial cleaning industry. She is inviting you to visit to learn more information.

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