Combining Something Old And Something New To Grab Attention For Your Trade Show Exhibit

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Participation in trade show exhibit events can prove an ideal marketing channel for virtually any business. With mass promotional appeal, setting up a pop up display, table top display or even a full scale modular presentation at a trade show exhibit delivers an excellent opportunity for a company to strut their stuff while engaging in real time with their ideal consumer pool. Copious corporate exposure coupled with ample opportunities to generate leads with interested clientele often makes these functions an advertorial no brainer.

While mere involvement in a trade show exhibit alone guarantees attendance to almost every pop up display and table top display to some extent, savvy business leaders know it’s simply not enough to stand apart from the competition. These executives recognize the importance of creating their own buzz before the event. When working to get the attention of the right demographic to check out your trade show exhibit, a something old/something new approach can yield impressive results.

Getting The Word Out About Your Trade Show Exhibit

Yes, the event venue itself will run its own advertorial campaign months in advance to ensure sheer numbers. However, every company has a list of potential clients that they’ve worked with previously and the relationship has cooled, or you came close to closing a deal or worked tirelessly to speak/meet with them but for various reasons, you never actually connected. These individuals and other appropriate staff within their company should top the list of consumers you reach out to pre-show. Gather up your marketing team and brainstorm the following approaches.

Email: In today’s business communications arena, emails usually reign supreme. While the tactic doesn’t provide the most personal flavor to get in touch, it does have its benefits. In our virtual world, a large percentage of the workforce carries with them some sort of smart phone device to ensure they’ll receive your email wherever they roam. Just because the method is a tad impersonal, doesn’t mean you have to be. Get creative and design an e-vite that will grab their attention and make them look forward to seeing more at your trade show exhibit. Most importantly, don’t send out a mass email bearing no personal details. Ensure each one has at least the recipient’s first name and any other relevant particulars.

Social Media: Perhaps the very latest something new when it comes to getting the word out on your event participation is utilizing social media marketing techniques. Flesh out a campaign where you post trade show exhibit updates on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Don’t have any social networking sites? Get some…fast. These pages not only help you connect with masses of clients with a click, they show your business is current, relevant and “in the know.”

Phone Call: In the corporate realm of virtual global commerce, the phone often gets overlooked as a vital resource. However, this tried and true something old really does help personalize an invitation and make your clients feel that you don’t want just anyone to attend the event…you want them to attend. To really distinguish yourself from competitors that may be inviting them to the trade show exhibit, end the call with a request for an in-person visit. Bring along a unique giveaway/promotional item that also includes all the details of the function and, of course, your business card.

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