Combine Classic With Cutting-Edge To Guarantee Trade Show Exhibit Success

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The road to trade show exhibit success can often be paved with several bumpy patches during the journey. Any organization deciding to participate in marketing expos must effectively manage an entire litany of event choices ranging from the granular minutia straight through to grand scale, executive level decisions. With a business’ corporate image hanging in the balance at each function, it’s important to give appropriate attention to everything that goes into trade show exhibits to ensure an organization always puts its best marketing foot forward to attain the lion’s share of booth visitors during the convention itself.

One of the best ways for an organization to successfully present its best possible promotional front is to strategically incorporate a steady balance between traditional and newer advertorial nuance. It’s important that a business never look too dated or too trendy when mingling with the masses at a trade show exhibit. Properly combining classic methodologies with cutting-edge innovations can create a perfect blend for optimal trade show exhibit success.

Considerations When Selecting Which Events To Attend

The “something old/something new” mantra should be utilized even when determining which conventions your organization should attend every year. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to participate in the tried and true events that have always delivered a tangible return on investment. However, it’s critical not to become complacent when it comes to selecting functions to attend. Always keep feelers out for new industry events or give a fresh look at established events that your organization has just never participated in. Sprinkling in at least one new marketing convention each year will give your business new opportunities for exposure, leads and networking.

Strike A Perfect Balance With The Trade Show Exhibit Itself

Your company’s trade show displays should also convey a solid image of traditional components fused with new trends. Partner with a professional design team for seamless ways to blend features like a classic approach to storage and shelving with innovative, eye-catching options for signage and even booth motion. Teaming up with a reputable firm will help your organization carefully walk the ever-critical image line between irrelevance and trendy to the point of intimidation.

Blend Old And New To Effectively Get The Word Out

Once you’ve decided which functions to attend and your booth has been appropriately tweaked, it’s time to begin announcing to potential visitors where and when they can catch a glimpse of your organization at a trade show exhibit. This is also a perfect time for classic/cutting-edge combinations. Have your sales team generate a list of their biggest prospects and let the invitations abound. Each rep should connect with everyone on the list, either through a phone call or an email. Also always take out print ads in appropriate publications to ensure your company is leaving no promotional stone left unturned when it comes to announcing your event participation.

Finally, always use the latest online social media outlets to also blast an invite to the masses. Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn are all great, modern ways to let your potential client demographic know that you’re hoping to connect with them at an upcoming function.

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