Collecting Leads At Your Trade Show Displays: How To Get Quality Over Quantity

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The goal of taking trade show displays to a marketing event is to meet new potential customers and gather leads. Many companies mistakenly think that they should gather as many leads as possible. However, it doesn’t do your business any good to collect 1000 names if none are actually interested in your business! Use these tips to help qualify visitors to your trade show exhibits and banner stands. While you might leave the event with fewer names, chances are good that you’ll have an easier time turning these people into actual, paying clients.

Use Expertly-Designed Trade Show Exhibits

The first thing you want to do is to create expertly designed exhibits, banner stands and more. Setting a professional tone will help attract visitors to your booths. If your displays are looking old and tired, consider working with a company that designs trade show exhibits professionally. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your exhibit is making the right one. A professional vendor can suggest coordinating banner stands to really make your exhibit pop. Make sure they have all the information on the design of your company’s marketing materials so that the graphics correspond with your brand image.

Give Industry-Specific Promotional Materials At Your Trade Show Displays

Many companies think that a killer giveaway will bring in visitors to their displays. While, yes, this is true, there’s a big difference between a giveaway that attracts everyone and one that attracts people in your industry. A prize like a brand new tablet computer will have everyone flocking to your exhibits, but you probably don’t really want this to happen. Instead, focus your giveaway efforts on something that people in your industry will find useful. Consider giving away a gift certificate or even a free product or service. This will entice people in your industry, which will ensure that you receive lead cards with information that you can actually use.

Choose The Right Events

Another important factor when you’re trying to improve the quality of your leads is to choose the right events. If you’re taking your trade show displays and banner stands to events that don’t have much to do with your industry, you’re probably not going to meet many potential customers.

Train Employees

Your employees matter more than you probably think! You want to send your best and brightest to work at your trade show exhibits because these are the people who will be the most skilled at qualifying potential customers to ensure that the hottest leads are contacted first once you get back into the office. Before taking your trade show displays to an event, have your employees go through some training with your best sales people.

It’s important to do whatever you can to create a great impression and attract potential customers who are within your own industry. While it might be tempting to leave an expo with a big, fat stack of lead cards, it’s actually a better idea to leave with fewer leads from customers who are more likely to purchase in the future.

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