Coaches and VAs – Is Your Business Brand Overshadowing What You Offer?

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There is no question that branding is an important factor when creating a successful business. Deciding on your business values and USPs through to the look and feel of your website and the colour and shape of your logo are all important considerations when deciding on how to attract clients to your business.

Your business brand represents what makes you unique and different from “all the rest”. But often a business brand is in danger of becoming nothing more than a nicely designed logo!

And if you have fallen in to the trap of focusing on colours, look and feel of your website and how clever your logo has been designed, then it could be that your business brand is overshadowing what you offer.

For many service based business owners, it’s not that easy to quantify the tangible benefits from selling their time by the hour. Coming up with unique selling propositions and understanding what makes them different from all the other coaches, VAs and consultants out there can just create too much brain ache to enable them to come up with the answers.

So, what do they do?

They get stuck in to the easier [and more fun?] aspect of business branding and focus on getting their logo looking perfect and their website doing flashy stuff that gives them – the business owner – the wow factor.

They spend weeks coming up with “just the right” business name that is either a clever take on their own name or has some hidden meaning about what it is that they do.

They spend hours playing around with colour palettes, oohing and ahhing over which combinations look better on which business card design.

But does all this give the wow factor to their target clients?

More often than not, no – their target clients don’t go “Wow”. All they see is a big, flashy logo and a pretty looking web page and ask themselves “So, what’s in it for me?”

And if they can’t see what’s in it for them, they are off – without a thought of phoning or emailing you with an enquiry for your services.

You see it is easy to look at all the glossy adverts in your magazines and watch the flashy car adverts on your TVs and believe that this type of brand advertising works for everyone.

Big corporations can afford to spend [waste?] millions on raising their brand awareness and they can afford to spend thousands on re-designing their logo every year or so.

But you can’t, can you?

You can’t afford to let your business brand overshadow what it is you offer.

By all means, get a nicely designed logo and a professional looking website. You want to be taken seriously, don’t you?

But make sure you avoid marketing your logo and website design and ensure you invest both time and money on focusing your marketing what your clients want and what you offer – the tangible benefits of clients working with you and what’s in it for them.

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