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If you are in business you need to be sure you are not doing the One Step Approach Client Attraction Marketing . If you are, you are bound to lose more clients than you will gain. The first question you should ask yourself is “How can I attract more clients and maximize my profits in this slow economy”? Answering this question is critical to your success. What are you missing?

Hint Hint.. You know that to attract more buyers and to make more sales you need to do what?—-Generate leads and convert those leads into sales and get more repeat sales. And you can do this offline as well as online and you can be a man or woman. You just can’t do the one step approach.

You have to make sure you are using a simple set of proven strategies that will make more money from your existing efforts and business. That’s right it is possible to make more money by just applying just a few key profit making strategies to your business. Trying to sell your products or services to someone who don’t, know, like or trust you or understand your value, you will soon be fighting an uphill battle. As you know marketing is a mult-step process and nowadays it is even more important than ever to really connect with your prospects so that even when the economy is slow your prospects and or clients will still buy from you.

So here’s a little secret. “First get your prospects attention and then get them to contact you. Many times there are no short cuts to getting the sale.”

Here are some of the steps to Attracting More Clients In These Economic Times.

1. Get More Attention Fast-Your marketing message is key. If you have the right message, it will unlock doors to new business and start converting them to clients. However if you have the wrong message you will be out in the cold wondering what went wrong.

2. Build a Massive List of Interested Buyers-Do you know what to do to attract more buyers? First you need more qualified leads. The more qualified prospects you have interested in your products or services, them more you are able to sell. So build your list.

3. Eliminate Obstacles-Have you ever lost a sale due because a prospect objected to your product or service? For example “I need to think about it”, “It’s too expensive”, or “We already have someone”. It’s always annoying to lose a sale to because a prospect just doesn’t understand your product or service. In reality, they just don’t have enough information about your product or service. Set up a follow-up system so your prospects will have all the information they need to purchase your product or service.

4. Motivate More People To Buy-Introduce a sense of urgency. Without a sense of urgency, people may take their time to purchase your product or service. Many times it is not that they don’t want your product or service but just don’t have a sense of urgency right now. By not having a sense of urgency, your sales will most likely be stagnate or no sales at all. So motivate people to buy.

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