Choosing The Most Useful Branded Merchandise

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Often times when companies go out and buy branded merchandise they buy a handful of interesting knickknacks with the company logo branded on it somewhere. Most of the time this grab bag assortment of promotional items is full of things that your employees have little or no use for. One of the important aspects when selecting the proper merchandise for your employees and anyone you give it to is how useful it is. Frisbees, yoyos and stress balls are good gifts for your employees to give to their children, but will have little use for the employees themselves.

Depending on the nature of your business and the preference of your employees, the most useful branded merchandise will vary. The kind of products you will choose will depend on your intent with them; they can be for employee use, or as giveaways that promote the company. When it comes to usable merchandise it’s hard to beat a good umbrella or a ball point pen, they are highly visible, practical and useful; however they are exclusively for work and will only be used in work based situations.

For a lighter hearted feel of giveaways there are many different things you can have printed with the company logo, things like Frisbees, water bottles, and playing cards are mostly for amusement but are powerful promotional tools that can be handed out to customers and given away as gifts. Depending on what you want to portray, the kind of merchandise you will select will differ from situation to situation.

If you want to give branded merchandise as a special gift to your employees there are specialized items that can be given that are robust and very thoughtful. Things like flint based lighters are perfect gifts to employees to go along with a promotion. If your employees would have no use in a lighter because they do not smoke or cannot appreciate the craftsmanship, a fountain pen or gel ink pen is a very good alternative. These can be engraved with the company name and the employees name for the best feedback. A popular gift given by companies in the past to retiring employees are pocket watches, these elegant timepieces are a great token of thanks that speak of the time and commitment that those retiring employees have portrayed in their time with the company.

Whenever choosing branded merchandise for your business always take into account the purpose of the items, because their nature will indirectly reflect your company’s image.

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