Choosing the Best Marketing Methods for You

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– Who your markets are

– What kind of message you need to get across (i.e. visual/ video/demo)

– What you are trying to achieve

– What you can feasibly implement (budget and time) and response manage (people and systems) in-house

– How you want people to act when receiving the marketing

A briefing on the different methods:

Advertising – print: both b2c & b2b / Range of high and low cost / Useful for? securing editorial & often good for mass or targeted audiences

Advertising – radio: b2c / high cost / Great for brand recall/ brand awareness

Advertising – TV: b2c / high cost / Great for brand recall/ brand awareness/ great for impulse purchases also

Advertising – sponsorship: both b2c & b2b / Range of high and low cost / Brand recall/ good targeted awareness/ brand credibility rubs off from who and what is being sponsored

Advertising – outdoor: b2c / medium cost / Brand recall/ mass exposure sometimes

Editorial and PR: both b2c & b2b low / Free in most cases plus considered more credible (higher actual readership than advertising)

Direct marketing – postal: both b2c & b2b / medium cost / Markets you away from ‘the noise’ meaning you stand out more (i.e. consider the zillions of emails people receive daily)/ direct mail allows you to send something tangible which has a high impact/ direct mail allows you to send something keepable for brand recall

Direct marketing – email: both b2c & b2b / low cost /Mass &/or targeted messages quick, free and simple

Direct marketing – telephone: b2b / low cost / Interactive/ immediate response

Networking: b2b / low cost / Relationships surpass price and even product performance as decision criteria

Online marketing – SEO (search engine optimisation): both b2c & b2b / low cost / Helps ensure you are findable by people already in the market to buy and actively looking online

Online marketing – advertising: both b2c & b2b / Range of high and low cost / Bypasses the need for SEO skills

Online marketing – social media: both b2c & b2b / low cost and a trusted and targeted new-age source of information

Lead generators and tenders: b2b / low cost / Ready made work – you’ve just got to win it

Strategic partners – referrals and piggy back partners: both b2c & b2b / low cost / Pre endorsed by trusted company/ saves you having to build a database – if someone already has a database of your target market – piggy back on their marketing

Events: both b2c & b2b / Range of high and low cost / Physical presence for the company/ ability to meet customers face to face/ can be well targeted/ great place to meet potential partners

* B2B – business to business * B2C – business to consumer

How To Measure Marketing

What to measure?

No. 1 Decide upon metrics for the total marketing effort (sales/ profit/ new customers/ retention/ more from existing customers/ return).

No. 2 Decide upon the metrics for each marketing method (hits/ calls/ orders/ email enquiries etc)

How to measure the total marketing effort? – Marketing outcomes versus marketing investment

(return minus investment)/ investment *100

– Versus previous months or years

– Versus objectives

How to measure the each marketing method?

– Website – Google Analytics

– Advertising – ask/ DDI/ code

– Sales team – keeping track of leads, conversions and prospect feedback

– Sales promotion – sales systems should record those redeeming the offer

– Sponsorship – ask/ DDI/ code

– Direct marketing – ask/ DDI/ code

– Social media – ask/ DDI/ code

* ASK – Ask new enquiries where they heard about you.

* DDI – A separate phone line for each form of marketing.

* CODE – Ask prospects to quote a code upon responding to marketing.

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