Choosing Between Buying Leads And In-House Lead Generation

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With high costs of just about anything these days, it is very hard to keep a steady budget to sustain one’s normal way of living. This holds especially true for business owners who want to save up on financial resources while making their businesses grow. Hence, these business owners are looking for marketing strategies that will let them either gain more income or gain enough just to keep their organizations afloat.

In order to maximize resources and revenue, businesses have started to perform various kinds of marketing strategies to generate qualified sales leads. And since lead generation is one of the most important sales aspects for any type of business, companies are bent over backwards when it comes to piquing the interests of possible clients and consumers in hopes of qualifying them as business leads that could become long-term customers for their firm.

These businesses can carry out lead generation activities by choosing one of two paths: (1) Buy leads from a credible lead provider offering a pay per leads telemarketing program, or (2) generate leads in-house. It is a known fact that whichever option a business chooses, the ultimate goal is to acquire a substantial increase in the company’s income. It is up to the business owner or the decision maker of the firm as to what option they would like to implement.

Choosing the right lead generation option for the company is important as both techniques mentioned above have their strengths and weaknesses. The reason why it is so important to choose the most beneficial option for the firm is because they do not want to spend their valuable resources on something that might cost the company’s stability. Let us try to have a deeper understanding about the upsides and downsides of a pay per leads telemarketing program and in-house lead generation.

In-house Lead Generation Campaign


Business owners can take control of the entire campaign. They have complete access to the lead database even while it is still being generated. This makes error detection and correction quicker and much easier.


Businesses that are still new to the whole lead generation idea may find it a bit hard on their resources once the campaign starts. In addition, searching, hiring, and training sales representatives to do prospecting tasks can become time consuming. This could also cause the business to fall behind in the competition.

Pay per leads telemarketing program


It can be a more cost effective lead generation solution if a business owner chooses to buy leads on a pay per leads fee model. This is most beneficial to those businesses that are still starting out as they can save on, or even add up to their valuable resources. In addition, the business can also save on an immense amount of time because they don’t have to go through tedious processes involved in conventional lead generation initiatives.


Since the campaign does not involve call monitoring and reports generation, businesses do not little or no control over the methods used to qualify the leads. This may make error detection/correction a bit hard to do and compromise the quality of the leads.

The bottom line is whichever strategy a business implements, it is best to think things through and plan accordingly. No matter how good a marketing technique is, it will not deliver results if the people involved in its implementation lack the B2B marketing smarts.

Sarah Barnes is a telemarketing expert with 11 years experience as a sales leads analyst for small and medium companies. Sarah invites you to visit for more information on pre-qualified sales leads and appointments.

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