Changing The Way You Run Your Company’s Trade Show Displays

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If you’re feeling like you are running on auto-pilot whenever you take your company’s trade show exhibits to an event, consider making a few changes. Changes don’t have to be major to be effective. Instead, consider finding new events to attend, shaking up your staffing by sending newer employees to work the event, changing the dress code to make your booth more or less formal than you’re used to, and being remembered by sending thank you notes when the event is over.

Look For A New Event

If you’re constantly attending the same exhibitions, you’re probably seeing the same companies event after event. To get noticed by new businesses, consider attending an event that you’ve never brought your booths to previously. Meeting new contacts can help widen your potential client list and could bring in some new business to your company.

Send New Employees To Work Your Trade Show Booths

Working trade show booths can get dull if you’re used to it. If your employees are getting a little bored, consider sending new ones in their place. It’s a good idea to send one or two seasoned employees to help show new employees the ropes. Rotate everyone else so your entire sales staff gets the experience of working your exhibits. This will help your company keep things fresh, as well as help other staff members get to know potential clients.

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Attitude

If your trade show displays are in a slump, consider something as simple as changing your clothes. If you’ve always worn business casual attire and are looking to be taken more seriously while working your trade show displays, put on a suit. Changing your clothing will give visitors a different impression of your business and you’ll likely find that dressing up a little more changes your employees’ attitudes as well. However, no matter what type of attire you choose to wear, make sure employees are coordinated, meaning, don’t have one person in a suit and another in more casual clothing. Their footwear should also be comfortable as nothing gives your company’s workers a worse attitude than sore feet!

Afterwards, Send Thank You Notes

It’s expected that your employees will follow up on leads after you’ve taken down your trade show exhibits and packed up your bags. Instead of just following up and focusing on sales, send a personalized, hand written thank you note to everyone you spoke with at the event. Although this can seem like an old-fashioned step to take in today’s digital world, that’s exactly why you should do it. Most other companies may check in with potential customers via email, which means a personal note will stand out in the minds of your customers. Divide the thank you notes up between all the employees who worked at the trade show displays and you’ll likely find it won’t take long to write them.

It’s easy to get into a routine while working your company’s exhibits. Instead, look for minor things you can change before, during and after the event.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline Event Services, a company that sells Cleveland trade show displays and Cleveland trade show booths. If you’re looking for trade show exhibits in Cleveland, Skyline can help.

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