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A little while ago Jason Rudland presented a webinar called “Turn Your Website Into a Sales Funnel.” The main point of Rudland’s webinar was to teach business owners how to change their leads into sales. He had many good points on little things that a business can do in order to get more leads and then make those leads turn into sales.

The first thing that he suggested was that every business have a blog to go along with their website. Rudland stressed this point multiple times and said that it was the right tool that was going to give results and in the end return for a business. A business blog should have knowledge for the readers of that blog. If they do not learn anything then there is not really any incentive for them to continue to read week after week. Make is short, to the point, and most importantly have a call to action at the end of the blog. This call to action is what directs people from the blog to the landing page which will further them farther down what Rudland calls “the sales funnel”.

After a customer follows the call to action, Rudland suggests that they be directed to a landing page. This page should be designed to show people why they should accept the offer that this page gives and lay out the steps clearly for them to follow. Online customers like everything to be easy and quick so keep it simple and bold and people will be more inclined to follow through. This page is good for collecting valuable contact information which can then be used by the business to further contact the lead and try and sell them. It is also helpful with creating email lists that can be used in an email campaign.

Email is another great way to keep people thinking about a business’s product. Rudland laid out an email campaign that he saw success with. There are 3 levels. The first is an email sent a day after a customer fills out the contact information. This email has a no commitment offer such as a free eBook which customers can download and possibly provide more information for. The next email is send one week after the first and this has some commitment such as trying a tool on a website or attending an event. This reminds people about the business and tries to get them engaged. The final step is send another email two weeks later with something like a free demo which will get people who are interested to click and follow through thus gaining the business a possible sale.

Now this was all Rudland’s opinions and suggestions. By no means is this the best or only way to help increase leads and sales. However he did have good points about stepping up a business’s blog and driving traffic to their site. The best way to get sales is to get as many customers as possible to land on a webpage and then reel them in from there. These ideas are just some of the things that businesses can do to try and increase their conversion rates and push their company to the top.

Savanna Eckenrode

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