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Occasionally I attend business meetings to check with business owners, business happenings, and trends. I would love to travel and check wider area business events, but my wallet usually gets heavy and keeps me anchored to my seat.

A manufacturing meeting panel I attended recently included a panel conformed with finance, education, legal, and local manufacturing representatives. With nearly 300 people in attendance, I feared we would have a line of questions to kill what time we had with our panel. Luckily, the moderator knew enough about the theme to prepare questions in advance and generate a spectrum of responses from the panel.

With my forte in Workforce Education and Development, I always find these meetings provide a learning event. Information flow from both the panel/speaker and from networking, as it were, generates opportunities in nearly every facet of business.

As I commented earlier, my forte in Workforce Education and Development always keeps me cued to anything regarding worker training and organizational improvement. As I sat, listening to the representatives speak about current education and preparedness for training, it struck me we are “waiting for Superman” (not to sound sexist it could easily be Superwoman as long as whoever makes changes makes changes).

Every panelist commented on students from both high schools and college as being unprepared for training through poor education. I believe the opposite is true. I personally find society moved faster than our education system. Literally, the education cannot teach to new technology as fast as it changes. Computer systems shelf life grows shorter with each developer. It is enough to make everyone emulate Linda Blair.

Another issue brought to light included “certifications”. Employers want “turn-key” employees. Someone they can wind up and turn loose with expected results. It happens, but with rarity. In addition to my forte, I happened to live through many changes. Some changes I grew with, some passed by me at light speed.

Certifications make a difference so do not misread my rant. My issue returns to (OK, this time I will turn the table) the arrival of Superwoman. To quote our President, “It ain’t happening”. It never happened. We have always mentored new employees. To think differently means we forgot the roots of our blacksmiths, cobblers, carpenters, and even horse trainers.

We need mentoring within our organizations with the understanding to learn mastery of a task takes time. It takes patience, it takes planning, and oh yes, certifications. Certifications provide the carrot for employees, but just as important certifications provide you, the employer, proof of completion.

So, how do you afford certifications? If you keep focused on certifications for your interest and organization growth, certification requirements come easy. Far too many employees obtain certifications for general use. Make your certification apply to your organization and growth. It is not that difficult, and it is your guide to proof that your personnel meet organizational needs.

Certifications also tell your employees what they can expect for each advancement or change.

Jim Beeler learned and practiced qualification and certifications while serving in the Navy. He transferred those skills and his academics to Acquired Consulting ( http://www.acquiredconsulting.com ). You are invited to search our offerings and question possibilities for your needs.

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