Catalog Printing Tips For The Winter

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It is winter time again, and if you are in the business of product sales, it is time for you to print those color catalogs for the winter. Whatever you do though, you should not just print mere cheap catalogs. The winter time is a prime opportunity for catalog marketing, if you know the right kind of catalogs to print. Let me give you a few catalog printing tips for the winter time that should help you head on the right direction with your catalog marketing this year.

1. Diversify cover designs – Since the winter time is where some of the best holidays are, you will want to diversify your color cover designs to adapt to the better and larger market environment. Not only will you want to print specific holiday catalogs for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New year, but you also should consider printing different catalogs for different market demographics looking for different products. The more diverse your catalog prints are, the wider reach you will have in this winter market. So consider diversifying your color catalog designs this winter season to cash in from some of these benefits.

2. Thicken those covers – Since winter is the season of rain and snow, you should also invest in some thicker covers for your catalog printing. Nobody likes reading a haggard looking and flimsy color catalog of course. By using thicker and more moisture resistant color catalog covers, you can increase the life of the catalogs, and make them look fresh and new for a longer time. You will definitely put ore use into those catalogs, and will have a lot more catalog responses if you do this for your winter catalog printing.

3. Decorate those covers – You should of course never forget to start decorating those catalog covers to partake in the holiday market season. I good tip for you would be to add holiday decorations that have a little twist into them for more originality. Instead of just the usual symbols of thanksgiving or Christmas, you can add in more modern influences and modern art techniques for a sleeker and more up to date catalog decoration for the winter. As long as you come up with something people rarely suspect in a winter catalog, you can be sure that they will notice and remember your color catalogs outright, hopefully getting you more responses as a consequence.

4. Simpler and easily navigable layouts – Now, this is something important that you should remember when printing catalogs in the winter. It is best to actually use a simpler and more easily navigable layout for those custom catalogs. The simpler they are, the easier it is for people to read it and understand it. This is crucial because people shop a lot by catalogs in the winter and if your catalogs are a bit hard to understand, you are at a disadvantage. That is why it is better to use those simpler layouts in catalog printing for the winter.

5. Smaller and more mobile sizes -Lastly, since you will expect your catalogs to be read and carried by a lot of people in the winter market season, it is best to use smaller and more mobile sizes in your catalog printing. This enables people to easily use your catalogs as reference in shopping, typically increasing your profit returns immensely. So try to help people easily carry your winter catalogs more comfortably by just reducing your catalog sizes.

Great! Now you are more prepared to print catalogs for this winter season.

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