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The carrier bag industry has widely developed in recent times in order to meet the great demand of consumer companies. With the introduction on the concept of promotional merchandise as a marketing strategy, Carrier Bag Manufacturers had do develop and expand their services to keep up with the growing demand. Although there is a massive influx of promotional merchandise in the market, most consumer companies prefer to select carrier bags as their promotional product; the reason being because of its excellent brand exposure, a good utility product and its wide appeal.

Most of these manufacturers are well established and specialise in a variety of bags made out of paper, jute, cotton, plastic and so much more. Branding or customising is also done with the same manufacturing agent and they offer a variety of print methods. You can choose the best method depending on the material of your product and the print style. The quality of the products and the service is always guaranteed by all Carrier Bag Manufacturers.

Most of these manufacturers are very competent with urgent orders as it is a common phenomenon when it comes to events like exhibitions, trade shows, new shop openings etc. They call it a FASTRACK carrier service.

These manufacturing companies also offer a professional and personalised service to all their clients. They will help you go through their entire product range and assist you in selecting the ideal carrier bag and also suggest the best imprinting methods. Some of the manufacturers will also design your branding message.

Given below are a few products which are generally supplied by most Carrier Bag Manufacturers:

Eco-friendly Bags:

If your choice is an environmentally friendly eco-bag for your promotional campaign, there is a wide range for you to choose from. These bags are becoming fast popular for promotional purposes. The range includes bags made out of jute, cotton, degradable materials, non-woven, recycled materials and much more.

Laminated Carrier Bags:

These bags are either gloss laminated or matte laminated. They are sturdy and ideal for promotional, design and fashion purposes, especially where image and presentation is essential. There is a wide choice of handle types as well. A well-designed, printed laminated bag can always take your brand to great heights.

Polythene Bags:

Carrier Bag Manufacturers design this bag to a wide range of specifications. They are ideal for mass production, as promotional giveaways and also for daily use. Polythene bags are commonly used in all retails shops such as, supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit stalls, bakers, meat shops and similar places. There is a range of styles and handles to suit them accordingly.

Paper Carrier Bags:

These bags are made from white and brown Kraft material and are available in many sizes. They feature either a twisted paper or flat paper tape handle and they can be printed up to six colours one each side. The bags come in a range of standard sizes but can be made according to your specifications as well. Paper Carrier Bags made out of recycled paper is also a very popular promotional product.

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