Can You Increase Car Counts With a Daily Deal Like Groupon? You Can If You Follow My Strategy

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The Daily Deal Website Phenomenon has taken hold with consumers from every walk of life. Those sites and making a good offer could help you increase car counts in your auto service business!

The Daily Deal sites have thousands (if not millions) of subscribers that hunt down deals every day. The deals offered range from the typical spa visits and restaurant offers to just about any other service available.

The Daily Deal industry has spawned off-shoots too. Today, Daily Deal Site Aggregators make money on your deal too! They typically combine all the deals of many sites and entice subscribers by promising them targeted offers (for just their city or area) in just one e-mail from all the Daily Deal sites instead of subscribing to possibly hundreds of sites individually.

The benefits of posting an offer for your Auto Service Repair Shop on a daily deal website are that:

  • They have huge amounts of subscribers
  • Their reach is ‘deep’ into your city or community
  • You get almost instant exposure (and customers)
  • Good offers will draw hundreds of purchases and potential new customers.
  • So you’re thinking to yourself, “What could be better?” right?

The problems with the Daily Deal websites are that typically your offer must be at least 50% off your regular prices. On top of that, the Daily Deal website typically takes a commission of about 50%. (Ouch!)

Another problem most merchants posting offers talk about is the fact that only a very small percentage of coupon buyers actually return to the business to become long time or repeat customers. If the coupon buyer is simply ‘looking for a deal’, they just wait for the next merchants offer.

When you do the math, you’re really offering your services for about 25% of your normal prices. Although at first look, you may be thinking ‘no way’, but there is a benefit to your Auto Repair Shop.

But believe it of not, this can still be profitable. First, get it out of your head that your Daily Deal itself is going to be profitable. Sure, you’ll get a lump sum payment for your sales, but then you have to contend with a flurry of customers, all wanting first class service at the same time. You could ‘sell your way into a mess’

The key to making money using Daily Deal website offers is to make it a requirement that buyers get their confirmation code from your website. Actually make that as part of the offer.

Once a buyer purchases the Daily Deal coupon, have them ‘text’ to your mobile marketing campaign. As an example, your offer could include ‘Text the term MyGroupon to 54321 to get your Confirmation Code and Verify your coupon’.

The user will text to your short code and get a response with a link to a landing page. That landing page will have the code the shopper needs to redeem the coupon. Most importantly, you’ve got a new prospect on your Text Message Campaign. You can continue to market to them with other offers and deals.

Following this strategy will let you take advantage of Daily Deal offers and turn those customers into repeat customers to increase your car counts and grow your auto repair shop business.

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