Call Them Custom Promotional Products Or Imprinted Promotional Products – They Are Effective

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Some people refer to personalized promotional items as custom promotional products, while others call them imprinted promotional products. Whichever term is preferred, there is no denying that these items are effective. Consumers love free things, especially the high-quality promotional items that many companies now provide. They use them regularly and tell their friends about the company that values its customers.

In response to consumers tired of pens and stress balls, many companies have stepped up their game in the promotional arena. They offer items that correspond with the latest trends and consumers love it. We all seem to be in a fitness craze these days and products like customized pedometers help us track our miles. Combine the pedometer with an FM radio and customers will be rockin’ out as they walk around their office buildings at lunchtime.

Male and female customers appreciate golf balls, tees, and markers. When it is difficult to decide who tees off first, they can whip out their personalized mini decision maker to determine the answer. Golf shoe and glove bags are perfect for the organized golfer. Golf-themed gift packs make nice contest prizes, whether they are scramble event kits or monocles with golf towels. Many a client deal has been settled over a game of golf and providing a promotional item is the first goodwill effort.

With the environmental movement in full swing, promotional products are following suit. Recycled shopping bags are very inexpensive and promote the business whenever the customer is shopping at the market. Some supermarkets even provide a discount to shoppers who use these long-lasting bags rather than paper or plastic. Not only do the bags reduce future waste, many of them are made from partially recycled materials.

People seem to carry around many electronic gadgets these days. Having a dead phone or MP3 player can be devastating to the owner. With an auto adapter for USB-powered devices, these items stay charged during a long car ride. Road warriors love products like these and thank the supplying company every time they plug in their precious devices. Our cell phones can do many things but many busy executives do not have time to search for the calculator feature. Provide them with a combo calculator and sticky note case so they can perform computations and make quick notes.

The smallest consumers are not left out of the mix when it comes to promotional products. Even a preemie can sip on a baby bottle imprinted with a company logo. There are also bibs, rompers, and pacifiers for babies. “Big kids” love imprinted two-handled sippy cups and any school-aged child will take a kid’s cup to soccer or gymnastics practice.

Water bottles are suitable promotional products for any time of year but especially now as we are knee-deep in the dog days of summer. BPA-free imprinted bottles allow customers to stay hydrated while on a hike or at the beach. Some bottles are designed to fit in bike holders and others feature carabiner clips for attaching to a backpack.

Custom promotional products are a great way to show appreciation to your customers and help build your brand. If you would like more information on imprinted promotional products that your customers will love and use, visit today!

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