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The last thing you want when contacting potential clients is to sound like a telemarketer working off a generic call script. There is no easier way to lose the interest of a future client, even a solid one purchased through an online lead generating company, than by reading out uninspired dialogue that does not directly pertain to their particular interests and situation.

To begin with, be pleasant and professional as you introduce yourself and ask to speak with the contact from your lead. When they answer, exchange greetings, ask them how they are doing, and how you can help them with their insurance needs. Give the potential client time to process the information and answer, and be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take down all of the information the client is offering.

A key question you will wish to cover at this point is why the prospective client is looking for insurance. Because of the nature of the industry, when people are looking for insurance it is often because of a significant life change such as job change, retirement, marriage or divorce. These changes will often give your potential client a sense of urgency which will work in your favor when you begin outlining your offerings. Ask who else will need to be covered under this policy, age, gender, and what type of plan they are looking for. After covering these qualifying questions, it’s time to make an appointment to speak with the potential client face to face. It’s important to not leave the time and day open to the potential client, but instead give them a few options for the best times to meet, and let them choose.

At the end of the call, you will want to cover the matter of payment, which can be awkward if not done delicately. You will want to ensure that your potential client has the means to pay for a policy, so a good way to approach the matter is to tell them what forms of payment you can accept at your meeting so that they can have a check or credit card ready. At this point, your potential client may ask how much a policy is going to cost, and good practice is to say that you have policies available from your lowest price to highest price, and that you will work to find the most affordable option with the best benefits for your potential client. If they then answer in a positive manner, you know you are nearing a sale, but if they answer negatively it is a signal that they are unwilling or unable to make a purchase at this time. For those who are not interested in a purchase, end the call by asking permission for a follow up and directing them to your website so that they can browse through your information and policies at their leisure.

For those who seem interested in making a purchase, continue the call by having the potential customer write down the date and time for your scheduled meeting, your contact information and website. Once the appointment is set, you’re completed the pre-sale steps and can look forward to an appointment with an interested and eager client. provides the health insurance industry with fresh health insurance leads. Set up your account and get 10 free insurance leads from your state.

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