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The last decade can be called the ‘Lifestyle Era’ where people spend a lot of time, effort as well as money to present themselves and their interests in a pleasing manner. So it is no surprise that we have seen a boom in the areas like interior decorating business and cosmetics. Be it home or your workstation, calendars are something that adorns either a wall or a desk which means that that calendar printing is also an area where there is a boom.

Since people want everything customized these days (homes, cars, loans, financial products), customized calendar printing has become very popular. People want to express themselves ion a fun, young, and vibrant way, and so they create calendars designed by them and for them.

Calendar printing involves various forms of customized and personalized designing of wall or desktop calendars showcasing your favourite photographs, logos or any other depictions. If someone wants to have a great personalized calendar on top of his desk and he does not have the time to create it, Print Place provides the perfect solution where the former hands over the photographs and Print Place will create the calendar layout.

The process through which they work involves a customer choosing and selecting a product online, paying for it, uploading all personalized memorabilia like pictures, logos, artwork, etc and lastly reviewing the entire thing and approving for being sent to the press.

In case you want to check out how much it is going to cost, the instant pricing facility on Print Paces’ website provides a great platform where customers choose their various options and the website instantly calculates the price for him/her. These options can be of two types, the standard options and the finishing options.

While the standard options include choosing page size, page numbers, paper quality, TAT, etc, the finishing options refer to selecting the aspects of how the front and back finish of the calendar is going to be, how and where the holes need to be drilled and options between binding, shrink wrapping, creating rounded corners and the like.

The pricing of Print Palace products are done mainly depending upon the standard and finishing options that have been provided by the customer himself. Moreover, the price also depends to some extent on the TAT or turn around time demanded. The quicker you want your calendar printing to be done, the more you need to pay.

According to most of the customers of Print Place, it is one point where you feel happy and excited to spend money on, waiting eagerly for the final product to come in. Always performing above expectations, their printed calendars are something that has hooked on some excitement and attraction along,

Now that you know exactly what calendar printing involves and results in, go ahead and make the best use of it! If you want your friends, family and colleague to stand gaping at your desk and envy your workstation, calendar printing and personalizing is the way to go. So what are you waiting for?

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