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If you sell business to business:

What does lead generation mean any more? Currently, as of late, the rage is to get a website and either optimize it or dabble in the pay-per-click arena which in both cases will add up to a pretty penny and sadly the measurable results are in question but then again that is my opinion! However, there is a more traditional way that has lost favor due to the fascination with website marketing. That tradition is cold call telemarketing!!

Telemarketing and lead generation are still among the best return on investment for many industries. Outbound calling is effective lead generation and can kick your sales in high gear in a relatively short time. A key ingredient is a well defined and targeted quality calling list with a flawless follow up system (remember the rule of seven? It takes seven contacts/conversations to get an appointment?) equates to a program where there is no better Return on Investment.

One company I’d recommend has all the subtle marketing tools at an affordable monthly price and has a stellar 10 year track record. That company is

There are many reasons why I like this company. The key is to always procure the perfect list. You’ll be contacted by a list consultant who’ll discuss defining targeted industries you’re targeting. The good news is the list is as fresh as you’ll find in the market which only helps with your results. Next step is and exploratory session to understand your company, products and markets to develop a professional script with your final say and approval. Sales Double only uses domestic callers and has a very low turnover rate which means experienced seasoned callers getting you in front of qualified prospects ready to discuss business (rarely will you get the prospect saying “I don’t know why you’re here I only told them yes to get them off the phone”. Boy do I hate that situation.). Add a powerful email marketing campaign for follow up calls, auto sending emails explaining services, call to action emails as well. Finally, SalesDouble calls are as if they are generated from your office which gets your phone to ring like a private assistant. Based on the program you choose there are allotted calls made on a monthly basis but the follow up calls are free and they handle unlimited follow up until the prospect is ready to talk to you.

One of the final steps is to make some calls or send some emails. Although they have an extensive list of testimonials, you should contact at least three people on the list. SalesDouble has, over the past ten years, gathered a number of good client success stories and confirmation, in my opinion, is a prudent move.

For the price and quality of SalesDouble services you would be hard pressed to do a better job in-house. If in house is too expense, there may be cheaper companies out there offering similar services to SaleDouble but I have found, through my own experience and research, you might as well throw your money away for the “outsourced” promises of most of their competitors. For high touch, a quality list, professional scripts, 24/7 online access to database, domestic callers, unlimited follow up services you pay for with SalesDouble you truly can double your income this year!

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