Business Referral Networks, New Unlimited Development Approach for Companies and Individuals: Part 2

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Part 2 – From the individuals’ point of view

Job centers, temporary employment agencies, recruitment firms, website listings… you have all tried in vain to find a job or earn more money with an additional income with more or less success. Yet you have the right skills, background and knowledge… Put those strengths to your advantage and become an intermediary. The concept is based on people, their networks and on their ability to share and contribute new ideas in exchange for compensation through commissions.

Business referral is a great business plan to leverage your network and income if you know how to use your knowledge and skills. The purpose of these networks is the key to helping you achieve that. This activity can be home-based for some types of deals, and a salary supplement depending on the time spent. Above all this activity can become a full time job depending on the type of relationship you have established with the companies and partners you’ve encountered.

Whether you are employed, unemployed, retired, student, a professional sales representative… You can become an intermediary from the time you have a network and expertise to offer to companies. Because everyone is a potential intermediary, development opportunities are endless. Occasionally or on a more structured basis, develop your network, your experience and make use of your free time. Becoming an intermediary is a great way to increase your revenues.

Being an intermediary might also be another step in your job hunting. Use your network and developing it is an essential on going process for you to open up to new horizons, while generating additional income.

To give you a better idea of what can be done, here are a few existing examples in the past few months:

  • A small metal molds manufacturer was offered a market in the aerospace field by an intermediary. The company had never thought of diversification, but the intermediary was familiar with this sector, and they were offered to enter this market because they had the technology and machines to meet these new demands. This diversification is today 40% of their turnover.
  • An architect had been offered various sites by an intermediary retiree who had kept a great network in his region.
  • An American intermediary offered to reference a French winemaker to a huge chain of department stores because he personally knew by the buyer.

By now you’ve understood that business referral networks is an unlimited development tool not only for companies, but also for individuals seeking to strive in business- so try it yourself!

Nicolas Duminil
CEO & Partner @wabiness
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