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Whether your business is a recent start-up or a well established operation, there is always a need to put energy into promoting your business. If you are looking to improve your sales figures or simply raise awareness in your local area of who you are and what you do, there are several different ideas you can use to get people talking about your business and ultimately win new customers. The only trouble is, there are so many promotions going on in your town at any one time that it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Unless you know a few “trade secrets” that is. In this article I’ll explain how to come up with business promotion ideas that are extremely effective.

Firstly, decide exactly what it is you want to promote. This could be a special offer, a new product or service added to your range, or perhaps an event. It is important to focus on a specific thing instead of being general, otherwise your message can get diluted. Let’s say for example you are running a restaurant and you want to increase the number of diners on weekday evenings. Instead of simply putting out lots of flyers in your neighbourhood advertising the fact that you are open on these nights and serve great food, create something special that makes your restaurant stand out. This could be a live music event or a theme night of some kind. Now imagine how much easier it is to get people interested if you ask them “Are you coming to our lobster night on Wednesday? Parties of four people or more get a free bottle of house wine.” instead of just telling them that your restaurant is open. A special theme night like this is much more likely to get talked about than a simple “10% discount” offer, and is much easier and more fun to create a buzz around.

The next thing to do is to look at your community and figure out who else you could get involved. This could be a local charity or organisation, or other businesses who compliment the service you offer but are not in competition with you. I have had success with this by giving my neighbours special treatment whenever I’m running a promotion, as it’s a great way to get the ball rolling and set off that spark that gets people spreading your message for you in a viral fashion. For example let’s say you are opening a new salon in town. The launch itself is a good excuse to flyer your local area to let residents know, but you will want to do more than this for businesses located close to yours. So why not invite them to a champagne reception with complimentary nibbles on the night before you officially open? What a great opportunity this will provide to befriend and bond with your neighbours! Creating a network this way means that you are initiating relationships that will be mutually beneficial in the long-term. Customers are loyal to the businesses they know and trust the most, and by forging links in your local community you are laying the foundation for a loyal “fan base” and friends who will look our for you for years to come.

So by now you’re probably coming up with all sorts of ideas in your head about how you can put together an effective promotion that really gets noticed. You now know that in order to prevent your business promotion ideas from being ignored, you have to make sure your efforts are focused on offering something unique instead of the bland and over-used “discount voucher” technique. And to accelerate your chances of success you need to actively involve your neighbours and give them special treatment. So don’t delay, start putting your promotion plan together and enjoy the rewards.

David writes many articles aimed at inspiring business owners to build their base of loyal customers. Have you thought about using custom t-shirts to promote your business? Find a t-shirt printing company in your area.

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