Business Management – The Importance of Strong Process Controls

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Your business could fail if you do not have in place the correct process controls this is simply a fact. In this article I am going to explain in detail some common issues.

Before I get going it does seem sensible to give you a brief overview of my experience in order to reassure you that I am qualified to write on this topic. For the last two decades I have been involved in the management of a very successful direct mail production company. Each campaign has so many variables that the failure to have robust systems would have meant disaster.

In case you are wondering let me explain what I mean by process controls. All businesses have key tasks that they repeat over and over again. These may be administrative or production orientated. In its basic form a process control is checklist which you use to ensure that you do the most important elements of each one of these tasks accurately.

The bottom line is that if you do not have a system in place for controlling each one of these task there is a good chance you are going to have problems with both the quality and consistency of your output.

So you need to create a process control for each task which will ensure that it is performed to a high standard each and every time. Such a control will also enable you to audit your work as well, so if there are weaknesses and failures you can address them.

Now so far I have spoken in general terms and need to give you an example. I am going to do this using an example that is specific to my own industry the direct mail industry.

In my industry we create mailing packs in bulk for our clients. To produce each pack we have to use the correct client data for addressing, we also need to ensure that we insert the right leaflets and brochures in each pack. In order to ensure we do this properly we operate a stringent checking and control system. This includes adding a sequential number to every record on the address list. We also re-name the list itself using a code that relates to the job number for that particular mailing. This means that at any point we can check and see that we are using the correct list and inserts instantly. As a result our error rate has dropped massively, which in turn means we retain our clients and do not end up having to issue credits on invoices.

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