Business Lead Generation – Making Sure You Have All The Shots

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Those of you researching this topic might have often wondered why it’s such a big deal. Why do B2B companies emphasize so much on the quality of the lead generation process?

Well first off, businesses aren’t regular consumers. Whereas consumers can be measured and analyzed in bulk, it’s a lot harder to do that for businesses. In fact, finding the specific needs of a business organization can be even harder than finding out what’s trending in a portion of a consumer market.

On that note however, this is why it’s important to approach each prospect company individually. Every successful sale brings in an amount that rivals massive consumer purchases, if not more! Simply put, businesses generally pay higher than the individual consumer.

It’s also why they’re harder to find and attract. Obviously, they wouldn’t pay so much for just anything. Any B2B service or product must live up to their worth and is capable of addressing a company’s complex needs. The sheer complexity of these needs is what contributes to the difficulty. Unlike regular consumers who are often reached out with the same marketing messages via popular forms of advertising, businesses don’t budge easily.

You might think that this could be just about appealing to a particular individual within a company. That’s not entirely true because that decision maker is still required to take into account what’s in their organization’s best interest.

With that difficulty established, it’s easy to see why sales leads are so valued. They represent the opportunity to make a successful B2B sale with a company. Everything, from the information on their needs to the size of their budget, is intended for the purpose of showing that your business has a shot.

But again, the difficulty of acquiring these opportunities is why companies are often at work drawing them in. In terms of reaching out, the methods themselves are also drastically different from the usual approaches to consumers. Where a restaurant chain would employ commercials and billboards, an accounting firm would use outsourced telemarketing and email. The latter is due to their stronger capacity to connect to individual prospects, briefly discuss with them, and set appointments where they can exchange more information and negotiate.

Unlike in B2C, the process is not instant. You don’t just try and make the prospect buy from the start. In B2B, that is a guaranteed failure because few to no decision maker would take kindly to a pushy salesperson. There might be standards on how long the process should take but that does not mean you have to skip over it entirely. You need to make contact first, then spend most of the time of gathering more information, following-up, and finally try to make an appointment to help seal the deal.

This is why you need as many of these B2B leads as you can produce because without them, you don’t have a shot at sales. It’s that simple. Therefore, the next time you’re wondering why professionals stress on the quality of this process (be it done with your own resources or via an outsourced lead generator), realize that it’s not something you can forego. Making sure you have all the shots is clearly a necessity!

Maxwell Stinson is a B2B Telemarketing Specialist and Marketing Expert that works for Kick-Start Sales Force. Max invites you to visit for more details on B2B telemarketing.

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