Business Cards As a Marketing Tool – Are They Still Effective?

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Recent research conducted by Pew Internet found that 92% of Americans use email and 65% use search and social media. Statistics that confirm the need for online marketing strategy includes traditionally focused e-marketing techniques, and testing new methods to improve response. Many companies have decided to add the e-card companies for their overall marketing strategy.

Some say the business card will go the way of the buggy whip, no longer useful. They feel that in the era of social media and cloud computing, they makes them feel so “horse-and-buggy” like.

Social media and mobile devices have changed the way we network today, but face-to-face contact is still vital and the business card is still the main way of exchanging contact information in such settings. Of course, the card of today differs from those in the past in that it should include complete electronic contact information including social media links.

Perhaps the most basic and indispensable marketing tool today is the business card. Just like any other marketing materials, they should get the same attention and importance. Even in this age of high technology, they still play an important role. It is a must-have to every business even in today’s world.

They function as the work-horse of your business, constantly driving customers to your doorstep so they deserve given enough attention and investment. Just consider your cards as a miniature billboard that delivers your contact information in more than a basic white card.

In order to create professional impression, trustworthiness, reliability and integrity, you must pay close attention to design.

In the last few years as the Internet has reached its new heights in terms of information sharing, it also became very popular among graphic designers to share and sell their business card designs online. I believe that this direct competition has helped to improve the look of business cards all over the world, because if you want to noticed, you must produce a good design.

A great design should provide basic information about you and your business, but the way you present it can be as creative as you want. While some recent trends have emerged like adding QR codes and Social Media links on business cards, these are unique and will do liven up. With some imagination, quality printing, and a little fun… you can have a business card you’re proud to hand out at your next networking event.

These are some new trends in business card design that can breathe life into an old medium.

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