Business Cards: A Part of Smart Networking Etiquette

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Despite the whirlwind of technological advances inundating society and specifically the business community, the business card still holds its place among the necessities in a business person’s toolkit. This is because there is a complex etiquette to doing business in which business cards still play a central role. Also, business cards are a standard format of sharing contact information while networking which is accepted across all platforms, in all industries, and among all demographics. Having your card at the ready is sensible, prudent, and it is good manners. It says that you are ready to do business right away and are accessible to all.

There are many people within the business community that may not have access to the latest in latest gadgetry. In these cases a business card is indispensable. For example, some industries simply have a particular culture where a good firm handshake and a business card are the most important networking tools to have in one’s toolkit. These are industries where having the latest smart phone or Blackberry device or a robust Linked In profile is not helpful, because the preferred method of meeting is face to face. Also there are several demographic types where these types of devices are less widely used. For instance, some business people from the more seasoned age groups are more comfortable exchanging contact information in a manner in which they have always been accustomed. So in networking events, to have your card available so that you can be available to do business with every age group says something about your manners and reflects well on your level of sensitivity towards your colleagues and customer base.

Consider the cultural importance of business cards among contacts from foreign countries and companies. For example, in Japan there is great honor attached to the exchange of cards. It is done with specific ceremonial gestures. To not have your card ready when dealing with potential clients and contacts is a great social faux pas. This is a dire networking and marketing mistake as business people who limit themselves and are not ready to adapt to the current conditions before them are at a disadvantage competitively. Essentially, not having a business card ready when dealing with business people from other cultures limits your accessibility to foreign markets.

If neither of those two points is enough to compel business people to carry cards even if they are proficient at all the latest high tech business gadgetry, then consider the fact that business cards never run out of batteries, crash, lost, or stolen; and if they do there is no worry because you have another thousand or so lying around. You are ready to do business with anyone at all times.

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