Business Advice For A Small to Medium Business Looking to Advance Their Company

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You have survived the first couple of years and now have a better grasp on when the peaks and troughs of your business are, you have a few members of staff working for you to help as the business is expanding nicely, but how can you take this to the next level?

Start by taking the time to iron out all the creases within the structure you already have, are there better methods? Better soft or hardware you could invest in? Better ways to spend money or time? Tasks that can be reallocated, staff that can be trained or take on extra duties? Think about where and how you can make changes to increase you productivity and help prepare for the next stage in expansion.

Are you at the point where you can think about looking for more business rather than relying on word of mouth, family and friends? Using a targeted marketing campaign you should be able to find new business leads with ease through a series of methods. Look into your client or customer and think about who uses your service or product. How would they find you?

Do you have a website? Do you do face to face business more? Are you a local service? How would a new customer find you? Is there a target audience you are missing out on, via web, phones? Do you have the infrastructure in place to take new clients with ease? Can you clients communicate with you easily? Would you need another phone, number or staff? Would you clients like you contacting them via a leaflet, email, call or text?

When you have answered these questions you will know whether a website and SEO would benefit your business, mobile marketing offer, local newspaper adverts or telemarketing. Doing trade shows and stalls at exhibitions on your theme would help or finding more localised methods such as the leaflet drop, internet local search engine adverts in sites such as, or even local newspapers. You can even have a mobile advertising campaign on a local basis through Bluetooth giving people immediate offers to act upon there and then at a busy train station or public place, this would work well with food items or novelty item.

It would certainly depend on what sort of budget you have at this point but sometimes you must spend money to make money and investing in the right kind of marketing will pay off. Sometimes getting a bit of outside advice can really help knowing where to spend money to make money but getting good advice can cost money too which would come out of the overall marketing budget so if you can decide which marketing tactic would suit your business type and model.

Small businesses usually have a smaller budget but a well placed budget can go a very long way to give business a little boost in profit.

Felicity works as a part time freelance writer for a number of companies in the UK. For more information on media marketing, business coaching and B2B marketing Manchester and surrounding areas, then please visit

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