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During these tough economic times a lot of businesses are shutting down and most businesses are cutting back on their budgets. However, advertising is one of the most important tools used in order to run a successful business. In these tough times competition is stiff therefore it is very important now more than ever to advertise your business continuously. Advertising can be very expensive but even with a limited budget there are still some simple cost effective ways to advertise and attract customers to your Business.

1. Advertise your business on your blogs.

2. Use free local directories to get your business noticed.

3. List your business on Google Local it’s free, fast and effective.

4. Take advantage of free classified ads such as Craigslist and kijiji.

5. Submit your business URL to as many search engines as possible.

6. Distribute Free samples of your product or service as widely as possible.

7. Use your business banner as your signature on all your out going e-mails.

8. Have magnetic car signs made for your business and place them on the side of your vehicle.

9.  Always include a flyer or business card in all the packages that you mail out to your customers.

10. Write a Newsletter about your products, services and items of interest on your business at newsgroups.

11. Connect with potential customers through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

12. Have some business cards, business stationary and flyers made and give them out to people every chance you get.

13. Advertise your products on forums every opportunity you get, but do not spam the forums. Spamming will get you banned from forums.

14. Write and submit articles about the products and services that you offer. Article submission is a great way for generating traffic to your site.

15. Submit all your items to Google Base it’s free, quick, easy and effective. Google Base allows you to submit all types of online and offline content.

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