Building A Community Around Your Personal Brand

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In today’s highly saturated world where “experts” seem to crop out every single day and multiply overnight, it has become extremely important for you to step up to the plate and create a stronger personal brand. And one of the best ways to put yourself out there and make yourself known as THE expert in your field is to build a community around your personal brand.

If you think about it, no matter how great your brand is, no matter how much you keep promoting yourself to everyone you meet, without a community, your personal brand will simply remain stagnant. Though you have so much to offer your potential clients and customers, without the power of a community, your brand simply won’t achieve its full potential.

You see, the concept of building a community around your personal brand is to help your clients, both current and potential ones, connect with each other. With a community, your expertise can effectively spread by open communication and instruction, as your “fans” interact with each other and then with others in spreading the word about you and your brand.

The bigger the community, the more people will talk about you, and the more you become a true expert in your field. Engaging your “fans” reinforces your personal brand and increases your credibility. But though it may sound easy, building your personal brand community takes a huge effort, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some steps to help you get started in creating a community around your brand.

1. Blogging
Creating a blog is a good starting point of building a community. With a blog, you can create your own voice, help people get to know who you are and why you’re important, and demonstrate your expertise on a subject or niche. The people who follow your blog can be the beginning of your personal brand community.

2. Networking
Now that you have a blog that identifies you, it is time to do some networking. Most likely, you are not the lone expert in your particular field, so you should also take note and gain knowledge from other experts who are well-known and knowledgeable about the niche you chose to target. Once you’re able to connect with other experts in your field, you can successfully create a healthy interaction with them and gradually bring them into your community. Social networking is also a good tool to utilize to help you build a community around your brand. There are lots of social media tools you can use such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help you engage and interact with your audience. Facebook, for example, is great when it comes to showing off your personality, but always remember that social media tends to exaggerate your message and make it bigger than normal, so use caution on what you put out there. Keep it human!

3. Storytelling
To build a community around your personal brand, it is important for you to inspire people to talk about you. And one of the best ways to do this is to tell your story, to let others know how you’ve become the person you are today.People love a good story, especially one with a happy ending. Letting other people know how you’ve struggled before achieving success is a great way to create a community around people who are inspired by your story.

These three steps can help you build a growing community around your brand and help you reach a wider audience than ever before. Truly, your brand is practically nothing without a community. When you are able to create a personal brand community, then you can effectively raise your brand to great heights and amazing connections!

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