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Your website is your 24-hour calling card on the world wide web, and it’s important to have it at its best and brightest at all times as both an advertisement of your services and so that clients and potential clients can browse and find the information they are seeking. When working your freshly purchased leads, a website is a great addition to your sales pitch where potentials can go and browse through information and comparison shop at their leisure, and then get in contact with you again once they have a better understanding of what they are looking for. Here are some helpful tips to improve your website and make it a key component of your sales strategy.

Give yourself a unique domain title: Build up your identity through your personal web page where you can direct clients and interested buyers. By choosing a unique name for your site, clients and referrals will remember the address and find you more easily online.

Link up: Get other people to link onto your site to increase your traffic and visibility across several networks. Search engines calculate the amount of links to your site when ranking you in the order where you will show up in search listings. Start by linking your page to the pages of people you do business with and network with, and then go from there as your online community expands.

Use key words: Update your page titles and content with common key words that people would type in when searching for health insurance. Remember to be specific about your area and what you offer and potential clients will be able to find you more quickly.

Keep the content coming: You need to give people a reason to keep coming back to your site, and frequent updates with new information about policies available, interesting news topics and industry stories will make your site a compelling place to revisit. Additionally, search engines rank sites with frequently updated content higher on search results lists, so the more unique content you add on a regular basis the higher your site will appear when people are searching for health insurance online.

Advertise: Once you’ve put the time and effort into building your site, it’s important to advertise it as much as possible to draw traffic and potential clients to your pages. Put your web address on business cards, emails, letterhead and advertising give-aways like magnets and flyers so that interested buyers will have the site name at the ready when they’re looking to shop for a new policy. Also, include it as part of your signature on all posting on message boards, your personal email account, and any electronic newsletters you may put out throughout the year. provides the health insurance industry with fresh health insurance leads. Set up your account and get 10 free insurance leads from your state.

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