Brochure Printing – How to Get Quality Brochures?

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Brochure Printing has become increasingly popular in the market today. This is because they are an effective form of marketing. Brochures are also cheap and can be used efficiently in a wide range of businesses. However, it is essential to get high quality brochures to achieve your goals and get the best returns out of your investment.

Print size
Many people who utilize Brochure Printing for their business promotion do not pay close attention to brochure size. This is a common error that can cost you a lot of cash. It is essential to use the correct brochure size. For this reason, get a print layout of the brochures you wish to use for business promotion. Correcting the size of a brochure is a daunting task, hence the need to have a layout before printing. Depending on the advertisement message as well as company details you wish to include in the brochure, ensure the size you settle for is correct. A good brochure size will not tamper with your print resolution. Therefore, have a clear and the right print layout depending on your advertisement needs and the type of paper to be used for the brochures.

It is essential to allow for bleed
Brochures can be printed in sheets then sliced together into single brochure units. Bleed allows you to get high quality brochures because it is a policy that makes your final print out serve its purpose best. Allowing for bleed is also aimed at ensuring your brochures display quality images, colors on your logo and a good pattern on the layout. Therefore, determine the size of your brochure and allow for bleed to enhance chances of getting high quality brochures. A 1/8 bleed is always recommended when designing your brochures.

Get the best resolution and the right brochure paper
Depending on your advertisement or marketing needs, it is imperative to ensure the quality of images on the brochures is top notch. Get the best resolution which should be at least 300dpi. This will provide clear images on the final print out. Similarly, ensure to get the right Brochure Printing paper to enhance the quality of your brochures. You will find 80lb and 100lb stock paper in the market today. They come with matte and gloss finishes and are the best printing papers to settle for. More importantly, learn to be creative in design to get the best results out of your brochures.

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