Brands Which Have Turned Around Their Business – Titan and Woodland

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This article throws light on two very famous brands in India, which started on an uncertain note, but have later turned around their business. Both, Titan and Woodland are household names now in the Indian market. Great lessons can be learned from the stories of these brands.


“You can judge a man from the shoe he wears”
In a country of 1.2 billion people and 2.4 billion legs the shoe market is expected to be huge. In fact it is estimated that the shoe market touches around Rs 20,000 crores. Indian shoe market has always been primarily unorganized with organized sector holding around 35-40% share. This was a prime opportunity as well as a huge challenge to enter a highly fragmented market and create a niche for oneself. Aero group with its launch of Woodland shoes in 1992-93 has done precisely the same. Instead of competing in the hard fought formal wear/sports wear segment they crafted a new segment in India under the premium casual adventure sports wear segment. The TVC’s clearly spoke of the Spirit of adventure and the power of human will. The consumers felt the connect, as premium sturdy shoes with an adventurous tag attached to it places them on a mantle in the society far apart from the others.

The brand has been consistent with its message and has reaped enormous benefits placing itself comfortably in 350 exclusive stores world wide and presence in over 3000 multi brand stores. With the success in the shoe sector. Woodland is now aggressively pushing its other merchandize men’s/women’s apparel, bags, even adventure club memberships. Creating a niche and tying all parts of the business to one strong consistent message is something that Woodland teaches us all.

Titan – Brand Story

Titan entered a dull and boring watch market ruled by HMT,where knowing time was the only position/purpose of the watch in 1987, with a bang. They completely changed the face of this industry and creamed a segment which considered watch as a luxury commodity suitable for the ‘essence of gifting’. However, Titan later faced problems when competition began eating the lower end of the market as well as the advent of foreign brands which completely ruled the top segment leaving Titan hanging mid way with a tag of a brand which does not innovate. Adding to this Titan also made a big mistake with Sonata where it focused on being a volume game thus losing the premium tag which at one point of time it had developed.

Now Titan is adamant on gaining the market share back and rules in the Indian watch market with 50% market share with the launch of a series of innovative products targeted at the youth (18-30 age group) for eg Edge, Steel, Dash, Nebula, Classique, Royale, Fast Track, Raga, and the recently launched Wallstreet. This has given Titan its fresh image back.

With its recently launched HTSE- High Tech Self Energised watches with Amir khan as the brand ambassador Titan is successfully getting rid of the tag of a innovationless brand and getting known as a luxury brand for the youth which innovates and excels continuously.

Who says learning can only be drawn from successful stories?

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