Brands Are Like Boy Bands

April 21, 2009 by  Filed under: Branding 

I hate boy bands. I think they are manufactured rubbish with no soul, no clear proposition and they all sound and look the same.

However, in the short term they sell records but do they have a long term future? Generally no. Why? Because they are so formulaic, they follow a set pattern – this is why they are so alike. Replace one boy band and you have another boy band in its place. So why are they created? They are created because the record industry does not like to take risks, instead they have a near scientific process in order to ensure that they produce the perfect boy band. The bands are researched and created by consumer opinion e.g. girls like a dark haired boy, a rude boy etc. The problem is there is no differentiation.

The sad thing is that our advertising industry is following a very similar path. Brands are created by a near scientific process, ads are pre and post tested – then no client wants to take any risks, so the creative idea is further watered down. The result is we have ‘boy band brands’ – brands that do not have a distinctive voice, brands that are just relying on short term sales, brands that are chameleons of each other.

A lot of us are doing the same thing, we are all in the same space.

It is time to break out and start to think differently because we have gone back to the days of manufacturing, where there were no differences between brands: the early days of Ford when ‘you can have any car as long as it is in black’. This is what we have now done with our brands, they are all the same.

It is time brands got their voices back.

Be brave.

Stand out.

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