Branding Yourself With a Caricature Logo Design

April 22, 2009 by  Filed under: Branding 

One of the most exciting and fun ways to promote yourself and brand your image is through the use of a humorously crafted caricature logo. These are great for any type of business, and adding a spot of hilarity to an otherwise business-like logo can be just what is needed to give your business the added punch that will allow it to become memorable in the eyes of your potential and existing customers.

A caricature is a unique cartoon character with exaggerated features that can be quite comical. Many businesses find that this small dose of comedy added in with their identity can be very appealing to their targeted customer base. Your caricature can include your image or the image of a fictional character if you prefer. These types of business logo can appeal to a wide variety of people, from young to old, which makes them a wonderful cross-culture medium to employ in your design.

Other than the caricature aspect, your overall logo design should be fairly simply. The most effective designs are those that are kept simplistic in nature and don’t give the person viewing the logo too much to look at or too much to attempt to remember. Because of the unique way that the human brain works, we are always running on “information overload”. If a design is complex, it carries less meaning than something more simple because our brains have so many commercial images to process in our daily lives. Simple has a better shot at establishing brand recognition than a design that is more complicated and harder to understand.

Since you are probably not a skilled artist, your best bet would be to work with a logo designer who has experience with this art form. Many designers specialize in caricature design and can do a wonderful job with your concept, helping you to brand yourself with a logo that you will find useful for years to come. In years past, having a custom designed caricature was a huge expense that could be afforded by only the biggest and most successful companies. However, there are a huge number of high quality designers who do business online that are more reasonably priced and very competitive in the present market, which makes it easy for even the smallest businesses to work with a designer to get an effective caricature logo for their marketing efforts at nominal cost.

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