Branding Your Cleaning and Janitorial Business With a Custom Logo Design

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Creating an effective cleaning or janitorial business logo can be tricky. There is so much riding on your identity, especially for small, less established businesses. Your identity is the potential customer’s window into your world, and a great logo will provide the first impression that many would-be customers or clients form about your company and the ranking it holds among its competition. It is the logo that is printed in the Yellow Pages, on promotional materials that you give prospective clients, or in flyers that are distributed in your marketing campaigns that may make a difference in whether you get the call and the job or if the company across town does. That makes your cleaning or janitorial business logo a hard-working element of your marketing and branding efforts.

Designs That Give a Polished Look

A great logo for your cleaning and janitorial business gives your business a polished look that says “we’re going to be around for a long time, you can depend on us” while making you appear to be a larger company that you may be. This is very beneficial to you as a company because your potential customers and clients may relate size with ability to perform. Your logo can have that effect for you – giving you a bigger feel.

Logo Template Designs in Poor Taste

When designing the logo that will put your best foot forward in your market niche, it may be all-too-tempting to go with the expedient use of a template design that is readily available via the Internet. These cookie cutter template logos have one big thing in common that must be considered – they are available to any and all businesses at the same cost – and they are sold over and over again. Whether you are selling cleaning services or doing nails at a salon – if you want a certain template, it is yours to do with as you please. Templates logos are a bad idea, and (depending on the locale of your target audience) can be quite embarrassing to use!

Designing Your Janitorial Business Logo

The design elements of an effective logo for your cleaning and janitorial business should be kept simple in nature and may contains a combination of colors, text, symbols, graphics and more. You are limited only by your creativity. Many companies choose to include a symbol that is related to their industry, such as a broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, etc., for the cleaning business. Others may take a more unique approach. Colors in your design should be kept to a maximum of three to avoid confusion when someone views your logo – more colors gives them more to look at, leaving your logo less memorable. Text should be readable and large enough for those with poor vision to read without difficulty. Last of all, your cleaning and janitorial identity should be sustainable – meaning that it should be a logo that you can see your business using five, ten, even twenty years from now as your customers come to associate you with your logo for valuable brand recognition.

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